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Mail Order Bride Services: What are They?

These are kinds of international dating agencies. Mail order bride services are websites for people who don’t want to marry compatriots. Most often, they unite women from developing countries with men from more developed ones. These sites provide a comprehensive set of services and support you from the moment you have registered until the day you get married.

What Services May you Expect from Mail Order Brides Sites?

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Such sites usually provide a full range of services connected with the search of wives:

  • Collecting the profiles of women for marriage. Such websites advertise themselves in different countries in order to encourage more ladies to register. They gather big databases of women for men to have enough choice.
  • Introducing men and women to each other. Some websites leave the choice to men. But sometimes it takes too much time and effort to look through hundreds of profiles and choose the women to write to. And if we take into account that not all of them will answer the chances for getting acquainted successfully decline. So, some websites make this process easier. They analyze information from profiles, choose men and women who may match each other, and notify them that they could be a good pair.
  • Ensuring all the necessary tools for full-value communication. You can choose any convenient way: texting, speaking by voice calls or seeing each other with the help of a video chat.
  • Translation of correspondence. Not all but many services offer translation for those who want to overcome the language barrier with women who don’t speak English.
  • Organizing meetings for couples. For those who have already chosen the women they like, some services provide help with seeing each other in real life. For example, they can help a woman to choose airline tickets, or accompany her to your city.
  • Helping with the documents needed for marriage. As international marriages can require some additional papers, mail order bride services do their best to make easier the process of their preparation.
  • Informational support. In some services, there are professional psychologists who can give you some advice to help you to build relationships with foreign girls in the right way.

So, the entire process from getting acquainted to getting married is controlled by specialists.

How Mail Order Bride Services Differ from other Dating Sites?

There are many dating websites on the Web but not all of them can help you to find a wife. But mail order bride services are created certainly for this purpose.

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They are time-saving

First of all, there are women and men only with serious intentions there. On any other dating site, there can be some girls who want just to flirt or even chat with men because they are bored. These types of ladies are not going to marry anyone. So, if you use usual dating websites but not mail order bride services you can waste much time on them.

They care about you

Secondly, dating websites often don’t provide any additional facilities. There are only profiles of women and you are supposed to communicate with them the way you wish. Unlike this, mail order bride services care of you until you are married. They can help you to meet in real life, give some consultations about the documents you need for marriage, and so on.

They take into account the peculiarities of international relationships

And the last difference is that there are only women from other countries. Usually, plain dating sites are oriented on men and women from the same country. So, they don’t take into account the specifics of international dating and distant relationships. Unlike this, special services provide additional facilities to make the relationships between people from different countries more convenient.

What Benefits Do I Get by Using a Mail Order Bride Website?

They make your communication with the girls:

  • Easier. It’s less difficult both to get acquainted and to develop further communication. There are profiles with extended information. Also, such websites can find good matches for you based on your and woman’s information mentioned in the profile. Talking about the ways you can communicate, there are several of them: text, voice, and video. Furthermore, those three services which we have overviewed above have a unique feature of the distant giving of gifts to your lady. The website’s administration knows the woman’s address, and it can organize the delivery of flowers or small cute gifts from the local shops to her. It will refresh and give dynamics to your distant relationships.
  • Safer. Such services verify the profiles of girls. Usually, they require their ID documents for registration. It helps to prevent scam and creating fake accounts. So, unlike other dating websites, mail order brides services contain only real profiles.
  • More resultative. Only women with serious intentions get registered on these websites. So, you will not waste your time on communicating with the girls who write to you just because they are bored.

7 Benefits of Marrying a Mail Order Bride

  1. Mail order brides are usually younger and more attractive than women you would meet in your everyday life.
  2. They are typically more educated and have better job prospects.
  3. Mail order brides are less likely to divorce and will be more loyal to their husbands.
  4. Mail order brides are less likely to cheat on their husbands.
  5. Mail order brides are more traditional and family-oriented than most women you would meet in your everyday life.
  6. Mail order brides tend to be very well-mannered and respectful towards their husbands and families.
  7. Mail order brides will often go above and beyond to make sure their husbands and families are happy and taken care of.

5 Reasons Why Mail Order Brides Love Western Men

More and more men are looking to mail order brides as a way to find love. But why? Why do mail order brides love Western men so much? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. They feel that Western men are more romantic than their local men.
  2. Mail order brides believe that Western men are more caring and attentive than their local men.
  3. Mail order wives think that Westerners are better at providing financial stability than their local men.
  4. Mail order brides feel that Western culture is more exciting and interesting than their own.
  5. Women believe that Western men are more likely to be faithful and loyal than their local counterparts.

Best Mail Order Brides

Here are the top-6 of the most demanded girls. Women of these nationalities have crazy popularity in the marriage market because of their unique characteristics.


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Women of this nationality are known in all the world as great girlfriends and wives. They are:

  • Beautiful. Slavic women are popular all over the world due to their wonderful appearance. They’ve got attractive fair skin and beautiful charming eyes. Many of them are tall and slim.
  • Sexy. These girls are not shy because of their sexuality. They show openly that they are attractive and emphasize that they are hot with tight clothes and short skirts. Russian women like men’s attention and are open to new acquaintances.
  • Sociable. It’s very easy to get acquainted with Russian women because they don’t mind it. They are very friendly and talkative.

So, many men come to Russia to meet girls. But for those who haven’t enough time to go abroad in search of a future wife, there are special services which offer plenty of Russian mail order brides.


Girls of this nationality are famous in all the world because they are perfect both as girlfriends and as wives. Men from different countries go to Ukraine to meet women and hunt for them on the Internet. Ukrainian mail order brides are so desirable because they are:

  • Incredibly beautiful. They are officially recognized to be the most beautiful nationality in the world.
  • Different. As there are genes of many different folks in the blood of these women all they are unique. They differ by everything from each other: the color of their eyes, hair, the shape of their faces, their stature, and so on. So, it’s possible for men with any tastes to find what they need among such a wide range of different appearances.
  • Independent. Their strong character amazes men.
  • Intelligent. The girls are smart and well-educated in this country.
  • Good housekeepers. These women are crazy about the cozy atmosphere at home.

And these are not all their advantages. So, if you want to have a perfect wife don’t waste your time and start looking for Ukrainian women for marriage.


Many men are mad over women of this nationality because they are completely different from Western ladies. Here are their typical characteristics:

  • Pretty outlook. They’ve got cute faces, very slim and elegant bodies. And their skin and face features are so peculiar that they look much younger than their real age is. There is no sense even in comparing a 30-year-old woman from a Western country with the one from Japan. These ladies look like teens for a long time.
  • Easiness in relationships. Japanese women are open, sincere, and plain. They don’t expect a complete understanding and comprehensive psychological support from their husbands. Such a wife won’t blow your mind with indistinct complaints or feel offended if you don’t understand her hints. Japanese ladies prefer the honest and easy style of communication.
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That’s why a lot of western men have a strong desire to marry women of this nationality. And if you are one of them start looking for your destiny right now before all the cute Japanese women marry other men.


Men from all over the world dream of the wife of this nationality. Many men believe that these women are more appropriate for the role of wives than Western girls. And here are some arguments for this:

  • They are diligent housekeepers. These girls are used to help their mothers with household chores since childhood.
  • These women have a meek and gentle spirit. This makes them favorably different from European or American ladies.
  • They respect their husbands. If mutual respect is the most important thing in the family for you, so, such a girl can match you the best.
  • These girls are unpretentious. Woman of this nationality won’t require expensive presents from you.

Due to such advantages, many services can hardly keep pace with the demand for Filipino mail order brides.


These women are for those who like things being spiced up. Colombian ladies are far from cute. They’ve got a combustible and passionate temperament. But it doesn’t make women of this nationality being less popular among foreign men. Many of them desire to get Colombian wives because they are:

  • Not boring. It’s difficult to find a woman who will be interesting and cheerful both before the wedding and after it. The girls of this nationality don’t lose their fuse even after getting married and giving birth to children.
  • Hot. There is no other word that can characterize the women of this nationality better. They are passionate and sexy. And they save these features at any age.

And many of such awesome women don’t mind being mail order brides because they don’t want to marry local men.


Women of this nationality are for those who don’t like boredom and sameness in relations. Life will never be monotonous with a wife with a Mexican temper. These women are:

  • High-spirited. They enjoy every moment of their lives and use every opportunity to add more positive and new impressions to their daily routine.
  • Passionate. Like all the short-tempered women, they are not only fiery in everyday life but very hot in bed.
  • Initiative. Such women won’t only wait for you to take steps for developing relationships. Mexican girl will take initiative if she likes you.

You can ask why such ideal women become mail order brides. The answer is very simple. There is a lack of men in their motherland because many of them go abroad in search of better career opportunities that are absent in Mexico.


Are Mail Order Brides Real?

There are many women from Asian, Latin, and Slavic countries who are eager to find foreign husbands. And many Western men are disappointed by local women and want to find wives of different nationalities.

And special services are ready to help these women and men to find each other and become happy together. There is a high demand for such services, so, on the Internet, there are many websites with real women for marriage.

mailorder brides

Of course, as in any high-demanded sphere, there can be a scam, but read further and you will learn how to protect yourself from it.

Are Mail Order Brides Legal?

There is no law in any country that prohibits getting acquainted on the Internet. Dating agencies are also permitted in all the world. So, there is nothing to worry about. Mail order brides are absolutely legal.

Check out our comprehensive guide on mail order brides legality.

How can I Protect Myself From Scam?

Actually, there can be some fake mail order bride services on the Web. Girls can be either fake or real but not going to get married. In such cases, they just want to get money from you. Here are some signs of scam:

  • Poor design. Not all scammers have enough money to make a professional website. If the design is poor or a website is made with the help of free services there is a risk that this is a scam.
  • No contacts on the website. If there are no ways to contact the administration or support department of the service this is a scam.
  • All the girls are too beautiful and have professional photos. On real websites, there are different ladies, and their level of attractiveness and financial status are not equal. But if girls in all the profiles look like models all the photos can be just stolen from the Web.
  • Women can’t tell much about themselves and their motherlands. For any girl, it is very pleasant if you take an interest in the lifestyle and traditions of her country. But if a lady can’t tell much about them you are probably communicating with a fake account.
  • A lady starts to ask for financial help too early. You have just started communicating but she already hints on expensive presents? Or she immediately starts telling you about her financial problems? Such cases seem to be a scam.
  • A woman doesn’t want to see you in. If you communicate for a long time but she refuses to meet and even to have a video chat with you it seems to be a fake account.

The only way to protect your money from fake mail order brides is not to transfer big sums to ladies whom you haven’t even met in a real life.

How Much Does it Cost to Find a Mail Order Bride?

There is no fixed price. Usually, this kind of services offer paid chats and calls. So, the sum you spend will depend on the time you communicate with women. For example, the price of a text chat starts from 1$, video chat costs in average 2,5$ per minute.

All the other expenses depend on you. They depend on how often you want to give presents to your lady or to see her in real life.

Read our detailed guide on mail order brides cost.

Do Mail Order Bride Services Guarantee that I Find a Wife?

Such websites do everything possible for this. But you should understand that nobody can give you a 100% warranty that you will get married. It will depend only on your and the chosen woman’s decisions. But in fact, even if something went wrong with one lady you can continue communicating with others until you find a wife.

Mail order brides services don’t limit the time you are allowed to use them and the number of women you can communicate with.

Can You Really Buy a Bride?

No, you cannot “buy a bride.” This term is often used in the media to describe men who travel to countries like Ukraine or Russia in search of a wife. While there are agencies that can connect you with potential brides, you cannot simply purchase a woman.

There are many reasons why men pursue international relationships, but the most common one is the desire for something different. Maybe they’re tired of dating women in their own country who don’t share their values or meet their needs. Or perhaps they’ve always been fascinated by foreign cultures and want to experience life in another country.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that you cannot buy a wife. You can only find someone who you are compatible with and build a relationship with her.

Mail Order Statistics: How Many Mail Order Marriages End in Divorce?

According to recent statistics, the divorce rate for mail order marriages is significantly lower than that of traditional marriages. In fact, research shows that only around 4% of all mail order marriages end in divorce. This is a stark contrast to the divorce rate for traditional marriages, which stands at around 50%.

There are several possible explanations for this discrepancy. One theory is that couples who enter into mail order marriages tend to be more compatible than those who marry through more conventional means. Another possibility is that the process of finding a spouse through a mail order service gives couples a chance to get to know each other better before tying the knot, which can help prevent future marital problems.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that mail order marriages are considerably more successful than traditional marriages. If you’re considering entering into a mail order marriage, you can rest assured knowing that your chances of divorce are much lower than if you were to marry someone the traditional way.

To know more, read our guide on mail order marriages statistics.

How long does it take to find a mail order bride?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to find a mail order bride.

The time frame depends on several factors, including how you are searching for a bride and where she is located. For example, if you are using a dating site that specializes in Russian women, it may take longer to find a bride than if you were using a general dating site.

Additionally, if the woman you are interested in is located in a country that is not as easily accessible as others, it may take longer to find her.

Finally, your own personal preferences and requirements will also affect how long it takes to find a mail order bride. If you are only interested in finding a beautiful woman who is also willing to marry you, then it may take less time than if you are looking for a bride who is also willing to relocate to your country and start a family with you.

Ultimately, the amount of time it takes to find a mail order bride depends on you and your specific needs and wants.