Norway is a country that most people in the world are aware of. Known for its developed economy, social equality, and beautiful nature, Norway attracts thousands of tourists every year. Norway is equally popular for its women, who possess all the qualities foreign men are looking for in their potential wives. Here is what makes Norwegian women for marriage so coveted among men.

Why Are Norwegian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

The number of Norwegian mail order brides may be smaller than the number of Asian and Eastern European women for marriage, but it doesn’t make the women of Norway any less attractive to foreign bachelors. These three qualities of Norwegian brides are particularly appealing to the men who want to marry them.

They are true Nordic beauties

We all can easily imagine a typical Nordic woman. In our imagination, they are tall, athletically-built, fair-haired, light-skinned, and with delicate facial features. That is exactly what you’ll see on any Norwegian mail order bride site, although lately, Norwegian girls have started getting more adventurous with their appearances. The style of Norwegian brides is rather understated and conservative, but they are perfectly aware of their best features and won’t miss an opportunity to showcase them.

They are strong and self-reliant

The nature and weather in Norway can be quite severe, which is part of what makes Norwegian women so confident and strong. These women believe there is nothing they cannot achieve on their own. When a Norwegian bride is looking for a potential husband, she is not looking for a man who will solve her problems, since she is perfectly capable of doing everything herself. Instead, she is looking for someone who will complete her and make her feel loved.

They are serious about relationships

Despite having modern views on every aspect of life, Norwegian brides are surprisingly traditional when it comes to relationships. These women rarely engage in flings or other casual forms of dating. When they find a suitable partner, the only acceptable outcome for them is an exclusive relationship that, ideally, ends in a happy marriage. That is why you can rest assured in your Norwegian mail order bride’s complete loyalty.

What Are Norwegian Wives Like?

Marriage is a serious step in the life of any man and we are confident that a Norwegian wife has everything it takes to make you the happiest guy on the planet. These are just some of the things you can look forward to when you decide to marry a Norwegian woman.

A Norwegian wife will always be on your side

When a Norwegian woman accepts your marriage proposal, it means that she fully accepts you as a person with all of your potential drawbacks and missteps. Even if things don’t go well for you at some point in your life, you will never have to doubt your relationship with your Norwegian wife, as this woman will always have your back. She will protect you, defend you, and make you feel confident and powerful again.

Norwegian wives find joy in working around the house

Given how independent and equality-oriented Norwegian women are, you may think that you will have to do exactly one half of all the house chores. However, that is rarely ever true. After a long day at work, there is nothing more relaxing to a Norwegian wife than cooking dinner for the whole family. As long as you are willing to help with some aspects of housework, your Norwegian wife will never complain and will continue doing most of the chores simply because she enjoys it.

A Norwegian wife does everything for the sake of her family

A single Norwegian woman may work for her personal fulfilment and travel for her personal pleasure, but that quickly changes once she gets married and starts a family. A Norwegian wife works to contribute to the family budget, arranges fun vacations to give her family a break from working or studying, and would rather buy a new home appliance than an expensive bottle of perfume for herself. That’s just how selfless and family-oriented Norwegian women are.

Why Are Norwegian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

As one of the most developed countries in the world, Norway is very different from the countries that are widely known for their mail order brides. Norwegian brides have everything they need, including education, career opportunities, healthcare, and respectful attitude, in their home country, and they don’t decide to marry a foreign man as a way to achieve all those things.

Instead, Norwegian brides want to expand their options and explore the world outside of the borders of their native state. They feel like foreign men will truly appreciate them, and they are certainly not wrong. The admiration Norwegian women have for Western men is mutual and makes the perfect foundation for a great marriage.

The Guide on Marrying a Norwegian Woman

Tips on dating a Norwegian girl

The dating culture in Norway shares a lot of features with your native way of dating, but there are also several effective ways to make your relationship thrive with minimal effort.

  • Make the decisions together. Equality in a relationship is very important to a Norwegian bride and she will be seriously offended if you make any major decisions concerning your couple without discussing it with her first.
  • Upgrade your dating game. A Norwegian girl can hardly be impressed by standard restaurant or cinema dates. She will want to share unusual experiences with you, so you’ll need some truly outstanding date ideas.
  • Don’t drag out the relationship. Norwegian women are not the type of girls who will communicate online or date in person for years without the relationship moving anywhere. As soon as you are confident you’ve met your soulmate, don’t hesitate to propose.
  • Share everything with her. Norwegian brides are convinced that a good relationship is based on sincerity and willingness to open up. You’ll need to get used to regular honest discussions with your bride.
  • Adapt to her lifestyle. The women in Norway typically have an active lifestyle that is filled with traveling, dining, culture, and physical activity. To find more common points with your Norwegian bride, you will need to learn to love those things too.

Meeting Norwegian bride parents: 3 tips

When you are getting ready to be introduced to the parents of your Norwegian bride, you need to remember that you will have just one chance to make a good first impression. These three tips may help.

  • Keep things formal. Your future Norwegian in-laws will likely warm up to you as they get to know you better, but in the beginning, they like to keep things pretty formal. Listen carefully to how they introduce themselves and address them the same way.
  • Ask questions about their family. Your genuine interest in the family of your Norwegian bride will be very flattering for her parents. They will love telling you about their extended family, showing you photos, and sharing stories from the past.
  • Demonstrate your value as a potential son-in-law. The parents of your Norwegian bride may not completely understand why their daughter is getting married to a foreigner, which is why you need to confidently but modestly explain why you will make a good husband for her.

Norwegian wedding customs and laws

Norway is one of the fastest-developing countries in Europe, but it doesn’t prevent it from honoring its many traditions. A Norwegian wedding is a collection of authentic customs influenced by new trends. Here are the most vital wedding traditions in Norway.

  • Church vs. civil weddings. Norway is a country where the church is an integral part of the state, which is why, no matter where your wedding takes place — at a church or at a civic location — it will still be considered a civil wedding.
  • Wedding procession. Right after getting married, the bride and the groom will be joined by their closest relatives and friends, as well as two violinists, in a traditional Norwegian wedding procession in the street.
  • Kissing the bride and the groom. Every time during the wedding reception when the groom leaves the room, the male guests of the event will rush to kiss the bride. When the bride is away, the female guests will try and kiss the groom.
  • Several wedding cakes. Instead of just one classic wedding cake, Norwegian weddings have several different cakes, with each type of cake being deeply rooted in tradition and offering a different flavor to the guests.
  • Partying until dawn. A typical Norwegian wedding lasts well over 12 hours. Around midnight, the bride and the groom will perform their first dance, which will kick off a new cycle of celebration that will last until the early morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Norwegian brides have a problem with an age difference?

Not at all! In fact, many young Norwegian women are what they call “old souls”. They are mentally mature for their age and are highly intelligent, which makes their personalities appear older than they really are. That is why they are perfectly fine with one or even two decades of an age difference, as long as they feel a connection with the man.

Are Norwegian women as reserved as they look at first glance?

No, Norwegian girls may seem shy at first, but then you quickly realize that it’s nothing more than a result of their conservative upbringing and they are actually very easy-going, warm, and talkative. You just need to spend a little more time with your Norwegian bride to get her to open up.

Do Norwegian wives usually continue working after getting married?

In most cases, yes. Norwegian women typically have an established career by the time they get married and they are in no rush to leave it behind after the wedding. Your Norwegian wife will likely carry on working, but she may reduce her working hours to spend more time with her family.