Why Are Jordanian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

More and more men from the West are now finding out about the many positive traits of Jordanian women for marriage. If your goal is to find a great partner for life and you are wondering if a Jordanian bride is who will make you happy, here are 3 of their best qualities to consider.

Their look is beautifully unique

Jordanian women have a lot to offer, but they instantly captivate men with their beauty. You simply cannot meet a Jordanian bride without noticing her captivating eyes, her perfect bone structure, and her long, shiny hair. Women in Jordan can be rather tall and they are not too skinny, but their ladylike curves are visible even despite their loose-fitting, perfectly demure clothes.

They are deep thinkers

Once you spend even a little time with a Jordanian mail order bride, you will be in awe of her intellect and thinking abilities. Jordanian women are not the type of girls who will interrupt you or try to always come out right in every discussion. They are great listeners and can sometimes be quiet, but it doesn’t take a lot of experience with women to see that when Jordanian brides choose to add something to a conversation, they do it in a very impressive way.

They are flexible and easy-going

It’s easy to think of Muslim Jordanian brides are fairly traditional women, and for the most part, they are. However, they are also some of the most easy-going women in that region. No matter how much a Jordanian mail order bride may be attached to her home country and her usual way of living, she won’t think twice before leaving her old life behind for her soulmate, which is especially great for Western men who want to bring their Jordanian brides to their countries.

What Are Jordanian Wives Like?

The appeal of Jordanian girlfriends is understandable, but what about the Jordanian women for marriage? Every day with a Jordanian wife will be filled with happiness and joy, and here are the top 3 reasons for that.

They are committed to making the relationship work

To Jordanian brides, marriage is something that should happen only once and last for a lifetime. This is why, even when the marriage runs into inevitable troubles, a Jordanian wife will use every method in her arsenal to make it good again. The level of commitment in Jordanian wives is something you don’t see often, and that is exactly what makes them excellent partners for life. With a bit of effort from you and a lot of effort from her, your marriage will always work.

They prefer the traditional division of the roles

In most Jordanian families, the husband is responsible for making money and the woman is busy watching the kids and working around the house. This is exactly what a Jordanian wife wants to establish in her own family. Unless you are very eager to cook or clean, she will never insist on you doing the chores, and in turn, she will not complain about you being late from work because she knows you’re providing for the whole family.

They are always there for their family

Most women in Jordan don’t like to limit themselves to being housewives. They love shopping, going out with friends, studying, traveling, and even volunteering. However, they will only do those things when they feel like their family is taken care of. When a Jordanian wife faces a choice between being home for her family and going out and having fun, she won’t think twice before making the right choice.

Why Are Jordanian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, Jordan is actually an adequate place for women to live. The country’s official religion is Islam, which imposes certain limitation on the ladies. At the same time, Jordanian girls enjoy more leeway than many of their nearby counterparts. Women in Jordan are free to choose who to marry and what to do for a living, so this is not why they search for foreign husbands.

Jordanian women are famously ambitious. They rightfully believe that they can do a lot with their lives, and they are looking for an opportunity to do it. Moving to a developed Western country with a man they love is exactly what a Jordanian mail order bride needs to succeed in life and to build a better future for her and the kids she will eventually have.

The Guide On Marrying A Jordanian Woman

Tips on dating a Jordanian girl

Doing your research before starting a relationship with a Jordanian mail order bride is the smartest strategy. By investing even a little time and effort, you can make your new relationship smooth and uncomplicated. These 5 tips are a good place to start.

  • Jordanian brides prefer classic romance. Casual dating and extreme date ideas may work with Western women, but what a Jordanian bride wants is an old-school romance with candlelit dinners, movies, and romantic walks under the moonlight.
  • A healthy lifestyle is a must. A Jordanian woman can be very forgiving, but a healthy lifestyle is part of her identity and she will hardly be able to be with a man who smokes, drinks too often, doesn’t do any physical activity, and has an entirely unhealthy diet.
  • Make plans and then stick to them. For Jordanian mail order brides, the man’s ability to actually deliver on his promises is a big turn-on. A Jordanian lady won’t pressure you into making promises, but sticking to your obligations makes you instantly more attractive.
  • Subtly mention what makes you a good partner. You definitely shouldn’t brag even when you want your Jordanian bride to think you are a great husband. However, mentioning your financial stability, good career prospects, or cooking talents will always work in your favor.
  • Find something you enjoy doing together. After spending decades apart and in different cultures, finding shared interests may not be easy. This is why you should spend a lot of time doing various things and discovering the ones that excite both of you.

Meeting Jordanian bride parents: 3 tips

Meeting your potential in-laws can be nerve-wracking even when you grew up in the same country as they did. When they are both strangers and foreigners, the first meeting with them can be even more intimidating. Here are the three tips that will help you make your first meeting a success.

  • Meet the extended family as well. Your main goal is to charm the parents of your bride and make them want to see you as a son-in-law. However, meeting the siblings, grandparents, and aunts and uncles of the bride can tell you even more about their family.
  • Avoid any PDA when her parents are around. The parents of your Jordanian mail order bride can be rather modern in many aspects. But the one thing they will always be conservative about is public displays of affection between you and their daughter.
  • Talk about the way you imagine your future family. After your first meeting, the parents of your bride need to think that you are the most family-oriented, reliable person in the world. A great way to achieve it is to talk about your ideal family in great detail.

Jordanian wedding customs and laws

  • The official engagement. A Jordanian wedding ceremony starts with the groom’s mother visiting the bride to get to know each other closer and discuss the details. Then the two families will meet in full and reach the first chapter from the Quran to signal the beginning of the preparations.
  • The wedding lasts for a week. Jordanians are a nation that prefers to go big. Instead of just one wedding day, they hold the ceremony for the whole week. There will be a henna night for the ladies, the party for the guys, and many family get-togethers.
  • The morning gunshots. On the morning of the wedding day, which is typically held on Friday, the groom, his friends, and family members will arrive at the bride’s home to retrieve her. At this point, you may hear a few gunshots from the overexcited guests.
  • The woman’s agreement. An integral part of the official wedding ceremony in Jordan is the woman giving her explicit agreement to marry the man. This is done in front of several witnesses, as well as her father, who, in this case, is the most important figure.
  • Dancing the night away. Jordanian couples can have different wedding styles and preferences, but two things will always be present there: lots of delicious food and lots of dancing. You will dance all night long to some of the loudest, most cheerful music you’ve ever heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay for a Jordanian bride to marry a foreign man?

The situation with international marriages is complicated in Jordan. It mostly depends on the girl’s family and how modern they are. There are some families in Jordan who will never allow their daughter to marry a foreigner of a different religion, but most families in big cities are open to the idea of welcoming a Western guy into their family as a son-in-law.

Do Jordanian wives prefer to work while being married?

The answer to this question very much depends on the woman’s idea of a perfect family and her aspirations. The majority of Lebanese mail order brides work full-time prior to marriage and they want to continue working in some capacity even after tying the knot. At the same time, there are plenty of girls who want to focus on being a wife and mother without the work distracting them.

Will I encounter a language barrier with Jordanian mail order brides?

No, Jordan is a fairly well-educated country where special attention is paid to educating the female population. By the time a Jordanian bride graduates from a university, she already knows a great deal of English, both from school and from her interest in Western culture. That is why communicating with Jordanian women for marriage is very uncomplicated.