As one of the oldest, most beautiful and culturally developed countries in Europe, Italy needs no introduction. We can talk about the amazing features of Italy for hours, but today, we will focus on just one aspect of Italy that is worth checking out — the gorgeous, intelligent, and passionate Italian women for marriage. Here is everything you need to know about Italian mail order brides.

Why Are Italian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Every year, thousands of men find eternal happiness with an Italian bride. So what exactly makes them so coveted among foreign men looking for a perfect life partner?

They are otherworldly beautiful

You can always spot an Italian lady out of a lineup of dozens of beautiful women. Italian girls have a highly recognizable appearance with dark wavy hair, tanned skin, and piercing brown eyes. Their lips are bright and plump, and their facial features are striking enough without the need for makeup. Italian women are also famed for their bodies, which are toned and curvy at the same time. Thanks to a healthy diet and plenty of physical activity, Italian girls are able to maintain their flawless figures longer than their Western counterparts.

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They have a passionate temperament

Life with an Italian woman can be a lot of things, but it’s never boring. These women have a passionate attitude to every aspect of life, especially love. Italian brides are born to love and they can make every man who chooses to be with them the happiest guy on the planet. For an Italian bride, loving somebody means expressing her love in every way she can, whether it’s in private or in public. You will never feel a cold shoulder from your Italian bride.

You can discuss anything with them

The second you meet an Italian bride, you understand how sociable and talkative she is. And it’s not some empty meaningless chatter — Italian women are so smart and witty that they always know the right thing to say in any conversation. Whether you are privately discussing the latest book you’ve read or your Italian bride is talking to your boss about Middle Eastern politics — you can’t help but feel proud about the inherent intelligence of your Italian woman.

What Are Italian Wives Like?

There are many reasons why men from all over the world don’t just want to date Italian girls for a while — they want to marry them and enjoy their company forever. Here are just three of those reasons.

They will always offer their support

An Italian wife considers supporting her husband to be one of her main duties. She will stand by your side no matter what you are going through. She will offer smart advice when you need it or simply embrace you quietly when you don’t feel like talking. Being married to an Italian woman is like having your own personal cheerleader at home who always has your back.

They consider cooking to be one of their top talents

To Italian people, cooking is not a chore — it’s an art, a hobby, and one of the best ways to show their love for the members of their family. This could not be more true for Italian wives, who begin mastering the art of cooking in their early years and never stop learning how to make local and international delicacies. Italian cuisine is made with the finest ingredients and sprinkled with love, so you are guaranteed to enjoy every bit you take.

They make the most nurturing mothers

Different Italian wives have different aspirations. Some of them are focused on their careers and want to achieve the highest positions, while others are completely satisfied with the role of a stay-at-home wife. The one thing that unites them all is their desire to become mothers. When an Italian woman is married and has at least two children, she considers her life goals to be fulfilled. An Italian wife is the most loving, skilled, and nurturing mother you could ever want for your children and you will never regret having kids with her.

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Why Are Italian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

From an economical and social point of view, Italy is among the most developed countries in Europe. That is why Italian mail order brides are not trying to escape poverty or limited career opportunities for female professionals. Plus, Italian men are known to cherish their women and treat them exactly how they deserve.

The main and only reason why hot Italian women decide to become mail order brides is that they are simply looking to expand their romantic horizons. They believe their ideal husband is waiting for them outside of Italy. Moreover, they are eager to see what life is like in another country with a man they love more than anyone. 

The Guide on Marrying an Italian Woman

Tips on dating an Italian girl

No matter how much you want to make an Italian bride your lawful Italian wife, first you will need to date and make sure you are a good match. Here are 5 tips for making your courtship exciting, satisfying, and effective.

  • Invest some effort in your look. Italian women care a lot about their appearances, and while they don’t expect the same level of care from you, they can always tell you’ve made an effort to look presentable, neat, and somewhat trendy.
  • Show off your sense of humor. The women in Italy are famously fun and entertaining. They can never imagine life with a man who does not understand jokes and does not make any of his own. If necessary, train your sense of humor by watching Italian comedy shows.
  • Avoid sensitive subjects. There are numerous subjects from history, religion, and politics that an Italian bride would rather not discuss. These subjects can create a lot of awkwardness, so everything controversial is better to be avoided.
  • Take her somewhere she’s never been. Italian women are well-versed in the hottest spots of their own cities and towns, but there are plenty of things they have never done or seen. Introduce her to them to create the most memorable date.
  • Get acquainted with her social circle. A typical Italian girl heavily relies on the opinions of her girlfriends and she will definitely want them to get to know you so that they can give their assessment. Be cordial, fun, and demonstrate love for your bride.
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Meeting Italian bride parents: 3 tips

There is no reason to fear the first meeting with the parents of your Italian girlfriend — they will be thrilled to meet you and will do everything it takes to make you feel comfortable. Here is what you can do to make that first meeting a guaranteed success.

  • Compliment the house and the food. The clean, nicely decorated house and the tasty food on the table are two main sources of pride for an Italian hostess, who also happens to be your bride’s mother. Don’t forget to frequently compliment both!
  • Bring a meaningful gift. Your future Italian in-laws will be delighted if you bring little thoughtful gifts for everyone. It can be something from your own city or something based on the things your Italian bride told you about her parents and their tastes.
  • Take cues from their behavior. Italian parents are not created equal. Some want you to address them on a first-name basis and will want to become a second set of parents for you. Others want a more formal approach from their potential son-in-law. Make notes about their behavior and use them to form your own attitude.
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Italian wedding customs and laws

Italy is one of the most fascinating countries in Europe with hundreds of unusual traditions. Unsurprisingly, many of those traditions have to do with weddings. Here are the most peculiar wedding customs to know about before your own Italian wedding.

  • No one will see the bride before the wedding. You are probably used to the belief that the groom should not see the bride until she’s entering the church. However, with Italian weddings, even the bride herself will not see her look until it’s fully ready and her bridesmaids and female relatives will help her get dressed and made up.
  • Choosing the wedding bouquet. A wedding bouquet is a very significant symbol in an Italian marriage tradition. The bride always chooses the bouquet herself and you don’t need to be involved, but you are the one who will pay for it.
  • Sunday weddings are the best ones. In Italy, most of the weddings take place on a weekend, and Sunday is considered the best day according to century-long beliefs. Friday and Tuesday weddings, on the other hands, are believed to bring bad luck.
  • Breaking a glass vase. After you are officially pronounced husband and wife, you and your significant other will smash a glass vase. The more pieces it breaks into, the better — each of them symbolizes the number of years you will spend together.
  • Auctioning the groom’s tie. After the official ceremony is over, the groomsmen will take your tie and cut it into tiny pieces. They will then auction off the pieces of the tie among the guests, putting the money towards your future family savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Italian brides work after getting married?

We cannot speak for all Italian mail order brides, but most of them prefer to keep their jobs even after the wedding. Most Italian women are very proud of their ability to contribute to the family income and don’t want to be fully dependent on their husbands.

How well do Italian brides know English?

Italians widely use English for work and travel, and young Italian children are taught English from a young age. There is a high probability your Italian bride knows English at a decent level, and she will learn it even better when your relationship progresses.

Are Italian brides faithful?

It’s difficult to find a woman who is more loyal to her man than an Italian bride. It’s easy to get an impression that Italian women are not particularly loyal from their stunning appearance and flirty behavior, but at their hearts, they are the most devoted and faithful women you can find.