When it comes to Slavic mail order brides, Belarus women for marriage are often overshadowed by Russian and Ukrainian brides. It’s true that the number of Belarus mail order brides is lower than that of Russia and Ukraine, but Belarus brides are wonderful in their own right and deserve love and respect. Here is why you will want to begin your search for your own Belarus wife right away!

Why Are Belarus Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Belarus brides may be less famous on the Eastern European dating scene than their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts, but you will surely consider marriage to a beautiful Belarus mail order bride once you know more about these women.

They are the epitome of natural beauty

If you are a fan of the Eastern European type of appearance, you will get exactly what you are dreaming of with a Belarus bride. These women have light skin with rosy cheeks, captivating eyes, and hair in various natural shades of blonde. Belarus women are not the ones to wear heavy makeup or use outlandish hair dye just to stand out. They are confident in their femininity and they will use everything they can, especially their impeccable fashion sense, to make their best features even more noticeable.

They are highly intelligent

Like Russians and Ukrainians, Belarussians highly value education. Most women in Belarus not only get a complete secondary education, but also go on to graduate from universities. Plus, Belarus girls don’t limit themselves to just studying for school and constantly read for pleasure. Belarus women are well-versed in literature, art, history, and everything it takes to be a well-rounded individual. When you are talking to a Belarus mail order bride, you can truly feel like you are talking to your equal.

They are serious about romance

A typical Belarus woman is not someone who will date around and have multiple ex-partners by the time she gets married. A Belarus girl will only begin dating someone when she has true feelings, which doesn’t happen that often. As a result, many Belarus mail order brides have very little dating experience by the time they are ready to get married, but that’s exactly what makes them so attractive. When a woman treats relationships that seriously, you can rest assured she won’t just abandon you when a better opportunity presents itself.

What Are Belarus Wives Like?

We have no doubts that once you get a Belarus wife, you will never regret your decision to seek a foreign bride and will instead enjoy every day with your amazing spouse. Here are just some of the things that make Belarus wives perfect for marriage.

They always put family first

Most Belarus wives have bright personalities, active social lives, and several hobbies they can be very passionate about. Plus, there is a chance your Belarus wife will have an impressive career and will constantly work to improve her qualifications. However, she will never, even for one second, consider putting something other than family on her list of priorities. No matter how busy or tired a Belarus woman is, she will always find the opportunity to spend some quality time with her loved ones.

They find joy in housework

When you marry a Belarus woman, you don’t have to worry that she may not be very fond of housework or that she will insist on splitting some of the chores with you. A Belarus wife will be always happy to get help from her beloved husband, but these ladies are also famed for being tireless and motivated when it comes to making the family home a better place to live. And we also want to emphasize the incredible cooking skills of Belarus wives — in Belarus, it’s impossible for a woman to grow up in a family without learning how to be a skilled cook.

They are born to be loving mothers

Unlike their Western counterparts, Belarus women believe there is no wrong time or age to become a mother. If a Belarus girl meets her husband around her early twenties, she will never hesitate to have children despite being so young. However, no matter how old a Belarus wife is when she has your kids, you should know that you will hardly ever find a more affectionate, careful, and fair mother for your little ones than a Belarus woman.

Why Are Belarus Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Life in Belarus is not as challenging as it is in some other parts of the world and for most Belarus women, getting married to a foreigner is not a matter of survival. At the same time, Belarus girls are always looking for ways to improve their lives, and in their opinion, getting married to a foreign guy and moving abroad is a great way to achieve everything they want.

However, Belarus women are not particularly materialistic. The truth is that they are simply attracted to the image of a Western man. Men from Western countries look and behave differently from native Belarussians, and that’s exactly what makes so many Belarus women decide to marry foreigners and build a new life abroad.

The Guide on Marrying a Belarus Woman

Tips on dating a Belarus girl

Belarus women are not some mysterious creatures who make it nearly impossible for you to find the right approach. Belarus mail order brides are lovely and compassionate, but most importantly, they are very easy to date. Here is what you can do to make your dating period even more satisfying for both parties.

  • Don’t wait for her to make the first move. A Belarus girl may show plenty of initiative later in the relationship, but Belarus women are conditioned to think that they should always wait for the man to reach out first.
  • Ask lots of questions. Getting to know your Belarus bride is the whole point of dating her, and if you have some things you don’t understand or are curious about, all you need to do is ask your bride a lot of questions.
  • Display gentlemanly behavior. In a way, Belarus women are slightly old-fashioned. They have an idealistic view of romantic relationships and expect the man to be chivalrous, respectful, and attentive.
  • Make her feel secure. Belarus girls believe in the traditional relationship roles and when they are together with a man, they want to feel confident and protected. They need to know that you can take care of them no matter what.
  • Let her into your world. A Belarus woman won’t keep anything a secret from you and you will soon know everything you have ever wanted to know about your romantic partner. You will need to return the favor and always be open about your thoughts and feelings.

Meeting Belarus bride parents: 3 tips

When a Belarus bride invites you to her home to meet her parents, you know that things are serious between you. The parents of your Belarus bride will be delighted to meet you, and here is how you can make the best possible impression on her family.

  • Act formal but nice. The older generation of people in Belarus is rather reserved, especially to foreigners, so you may need to keep things formal at first. However, when you know each other better, they will undoubtedly warm up to you, and you will need to do the same.
  • Bring gifts for everyone in the family. Like a perfect gentleman, you will probably bring gifts for the future mother- and father-in-law. However, you also shouldn’t forget about the other members of the family, especially the grandparents and the siblings, as they also share a close connection to your Belarus mail order bride.
  • Prove you will take good care of their daughter. Any parent is worried when their daughter is getting married, and it can be even more stressful when her future husband is a foreigner. The parents of your Belarus bride need to make sure she will have a good future as your wife.

Belarus wedding customs and laws

Unlike many other mail order brides, Belarus brides prefer civil ceremonies instead of church weddings. Some of the aspects of a Belarus wedding may seem familiar to you, but some of them need you to be prepared.

  • Getting to the bride. The day of your wedding will start with you going to your bride’s family home, but you cannot just walk in and get your bride. Instead, you will go through a traditional bridal ransom ceremony, where you will answer questions and even pay money to the bridesmaids and family members before you can even see your bride.
  • The toastmaster and the insane activities. The entire wedding reception, which will last until very late hours, will be run by a Belarus toastmaster. The toastmaster will be responsible for all the entertainment, including the famous Belarus wedding contests and activities that are impossible to describe and need to be witnessed in person.
  • Kissing on command. At several points of the wedding reception, you and your bride will need to kiss on command from the toastmaster or the guests. This though may seem uncomfortable at first, but at the end of the day, it’s just one more opportunity to show your love for your wife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Belarus brides any different from Russian brides?

Belarus brides are probably the closest alternative to Russian mail order brides, but there are enough differences between these two types of foreign brides to make you choose Belarus women over Russian women. Most importantly, Belarus brides share many of their values with European women and generally have a mindset that is similar to yours.

Do Belarus women have a problem with an age gap?

Not at all! In fact, most Belarus girls prefer their partners to be several years older than them. For many Belarus women, even an age difference of more than a decade or two is not a problem as long as your personalities are a good match and you treat each other with love and respect.

Will I be the only breadwinner in my family?

For Belarus women, a career is not the top priority in life but most of them work prior to getting married to support themselves financially. Once a Belarus bride gets married, she may continue working if you cannot fully provide for the family, but she will be much happier just staying at home and dedicating 100% of her time to her family.