Slovenian brides may not be the first ones to jump to your mind when you are thinking about foreign mail order brides, but they have enough advantages to make you spend the rest of your life with a charming Slovenian woman. Here is your detailed guide to Slovenian women for marriage.

Why Are Slovenian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Given how small the population of Slovenia is, the number of Slovenian mail order brides looks even bigger in comparison. Thousands of men flock to European mail order bride sites every year to find their Slovenian soulmate. These three qualities make them especially attractive as mail order brides.

They have the most gorgeous faces and bodies

When visiting Slovenia or looking at the selection of Slovenian mail order brides on a dating site, you can quickly tell that Slovenia is a beautiful nation. Slovenian women have petite bodies, and their impeccable sense of style highlights their wonderful build. The faces of Slovenian girls have delicate features that are beautifully framed by natural-colored hair. Slovenian women never go overboard with makeup and often you cannot even tell they are wearing any, but they know how to use makeup to look even more attractive.

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They are friendly

If you decide to build a future together with a Slovenian bride, your relationship will probably begin as a lovely friendship. You will find a lot of common ground and will like each other’s company even before there are any romantic feelings. That is just the naturel of Slovenian girls, who exude friendliness to anyone they meet. If you are shy or simply not sure how to build a romantic relationship with a woman, a Slovenian bride will make it the easiest thing in the world for you.

They want nothing but love

Slovenian women are not particularly interested in where you work, how much money you have, which house and car you own or what kind of a family you are from, as long as there is love and mutual respect between you. For Slovenian brides, nothing is more important in a relationship and marriage than love, and as long as you find different ways of expressing your love for the Slovenian bride and taking care of her, she will always return your efforts.

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What Are Slovenian Wives Like?

You may think you already know a lot about Slovenian women after learning about their best qualities, but Slovenian wives have even more coveted features to offer. This is what you can always look forward to from your Slovenian wife.

Family is their #1 priority

For every Slovenian woman, whether she is the CEO of a world-class company or a stay-at-home wife, family is always at the top of her priority list. A Slovenian wife will not hesitate to make changes in her lifestyle or even make sacrifices if it’s necessary for the happiness of her family. Even when you think your Slovenian wife is the most career-oriented woman on the planet, you can always expect her to do her best for her husband and children.

They are caring and supportive

Most Slovenian women grew up in warm, affectionate families where everyone was taking care of everyone. As a result, Slovenian girls grow up to be the most supportive and caring Slovenian wives. A Slovenian wife will always give you a piece of sound advice about your job, pack you a delicious homemade lunch to take to work, and have your back when things aren’t going well for you. Needless to say, she will expect the same level of care from you!

They are passionate about cooking

Slovenian women are known for their wide outlook and a variety of hobbies that ranges from reading to paragliding. However, the one shared interest that unites most Slovenian mail order brides is their love for cooking. A typical Slovenian wife feels perfectly at home when she is working her magic around the kitchen. It can be something as quick as breakfast oatmeal with fruits or something as complex as a three-course meal for a dinner party with your friends — your Slovenian wife will definitely enjoy cooking and you will undoubtedly enjoy everything she’s making.

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Why Are Slovenian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Slovenia is a small but highly developed European country without any major political, economical, or social troubles. That is why, when a Slovenian bride decides to look for a foreign husband, she doesn’t do it for the money or to achieve a better life for herself and her future children.

The only reason why a Slovenian woman may want to consider becoming a mail order bride is that she wants to explore opportunities outside of her home country. A typical Slovenian bride wants to know what else the world has in store for her other than the comfort of her own home. Show your Slovenian bride the most exciting things in life and she will be yours forever.

The Guide on Marrying a Slovenian Woman

Tips on dating a Slovenian girl

Slovenian mail order brides are close in mentality to Western women and it won’t take you any specific preparation when you want to date a girl from Slovenia. Here are a few tips that will help you make the relationship sparkle.

  • Take the initiative. Slovenian women are capable of directing a relationship on their own, but they also love seeing the man take the lead and accepting the responsibility in romance.
  • Give her the freedom of choice. As a leader in a relationship, you can make major decisions, but you need to leave everyday choices, including what to get for dinner and where to go on Friday night, to your Slovenian girlfriend.
  • Socialize with her friends. When you are spending time with your bride in Slovenia, she will likely want to introduce you to her social circle. Never refuse this offer: if her friends like you, she will consider it a deciding factor when thinking about your relationship.
  • Embrace her quirks. A Slovenian bride has a very interesting personality, and while not all of her quirks may be immediately understandable to you, they are exactly what makes her so attractive and you will definitely enjoy getting to know them.
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Meeting Slovenian bride parents: 3 tips

There is nothing stressful about meeting the parents of your future Slovenian bride and Slovenian people, in general, are some of the nicest people you will ever get to know. However, you can follow these three tips if you want to make a great first impression.

  • Impress them with your knowledge of Slovenia. Slovenia is a tiny European country, but it has a fascinating history and culture that dates back centuries. Researching a little Slovenian culture and language prior to the meeting and then using the knowledge while talking to your future in-laws is a quick way to make them like you.
  • Prove you are a good husband for their daughter. Allowing their daughter to move abroad for marriage is one of the toughest decisions for Slovenian parents. At the very least, they need to make sure you are a good person and will create a decent life for your Slovenian wife when you go and live overseas.
  • Don’t turn down the food and bring something to the table. Sharing a meal is a great way for your potential Slovenian in-laws to get to know you and for you to do the same. They will probably prepare a small feast to celebrate your arrival, and you will need to try everything they offer. Plus, a nice gesture from you is to bring wine, sweets, or something else for the dinner.

Slovenian wedding customs and laws

If you have ever been to an Eastern European wedding or saw them in movies, you probably already know what to expect from your own nuptials. However, Slovenia is a culturally peculiar country and there are some unique wedding traditions you need to be prepared for.

  • Negotiating at the door. If you think that your wedding day will begin by you quickly picking up your bride from her parents’ home, you are in for a surprise. When her father answers the door, he will try and stall the process by offering you substitutes for your bride, and you need to use your best negotiation skills and sometimes bribes to get what you want.
  • Stealing the bouquet. After the ceremony, help your new wife watch out for the bouquet stealers. At some point during the reception, someone will try to steal the bouquet for a ransom, and you will need to help retrieve the bouquet to give your wife a piece of mind.
  • Kidnapping of the bride. Wild Slovenian wedding traditions don’t stop there, as most receptions also feature the kidnapping of the bride. You may request the help of your groomsmen to find her, as if you cannot locate her before the cake cutting ceremony, it means bad luck for the marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well do Slovenian brides know English?

Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia, but most young women living in Slovenia know just enough English to understand you and help you understand them. You can effortlessly build your communication with a Slovenian lady with her present level of English, but it’s guaranteed to become better when she spends more time with you.

Are Slovenian brides more like Russian or Western European women?

One of the best things about Slovenian brides is that they are the perfect combination of both! Like Russian women, Slovenian brides are very family-oriented and can fully devote themselves to the family. Like Western European women, Slovenian girls are ambitious and well-versed in Western culture and politics.

Will my Slovenian wife continue to work?

There are some Slovenian brides who prefer to become full-time mothers and wives after getting married, but most Slovenian women keep their jobs after the wedding or opt for part-time employment to spend more time with the family.