Greece is a country that is familiar to any educated and modern individual. Greece is mostly known for its rich ancient history, vibrant culture, attractive tourism opportunities, and beautiful scenery. Lately, men from all over the world have started paying extra attention to Greece because of its charming women looking for marriage with foreigners, who are known as Greek mail order brides. Here is everything you need to know about Greek women for marriage.

Why Are Greek Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

The popularity of Greek mail order brides among foreign bachelors is not up for debate. Thousands of men around the world are searching for a wonderful Greek woman to make their wife. This is why you may want to consider doing the same.

They look simply stunning

The image of beautiful Greek goddesses you have in your head when thinking about Greek women is not an exaggeration. The facial features of Greek women are striking, and their dark wavy hair perfectly frames their beautiful faces. Greek girls are not very tall, but they have strong, feminine bodies that will make you feel proud to walk with a Greek woman by your side. On top of that, Greek brides know exactly what to wear to make men fall head over heels, but they prefer modest clothing in their everyday life.

You can talk about them about anything

Greek women are not some shallow girls who can only talk about their shopping experience or their last meeting with their girlfriends. A Greek woman is a highly intelligent individual who is proud of her nation’s cultural heritage and is doing her best to respect it. That is why you can safely take your Greek bride to any important event and rest assured she will charm everyone with her intelligence, sense of humor, and quick wit. Naturally, this will also add another layer to your already great relationship.

They actually care about you and your feelings

A Greek bride is not someone who will toy with your feelings or deliberately cause you to get hurt. When she is in a relationship with a man she loves and sees as her future husband, she will do anything it takes to make him feel loved and comfortable. Ignoring your calls and text messages, spreading rumors behind your back, and turning your friends against you is something you should never expect from your Greek woman. In her opinion, only love, mutual respect, and loyalty make a foundation for a great relationship.

What Are Greek Wives Like?

Marriage to a Greek woman will only strengthen your love for her because Greek wives are the embodiment of everything you want to see in your life partner. These are the things that make Greek brides such a popular choice for marriage.

Greek women make the most trustworthy partners

When you marry a Greek woman, you know that you finally have someone you can fully trust in your life. Greek wives are completely devoted to their men and you can rest assured your wife will support you and have your back in any situation. A Greek woman marrying a man expects the marriage to last forever and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep you happy and maintain the trustworthy relationship between you.

You won’t find a better mother for your kids than a Greek woman

One of the biggest cultural peculiarities of Greek women that make them so popular as wives is that they are complete naturals around children. Even if a Greek woman grew up as the only kid in her family and has never had friends or family members with small children, she instinctively knows how to raise kids. If you have children with your Greek wife, we can tell you with certainty that she will sacrifice every other aspect of her life to take good care of the little ones.

A Greek wife has fantastic cooking skills

Tasting a freshly prepared dinner your Greek wife made specially for you has got to be one of the most satisfying feelings on the planet. You have never experienced true Meditarranean hospitality until you come home after a long day of work and discover a three-course meal on your dinner table and your proud wife taking off her apron. Lots of men who married Greek women point out that their cooking talent was one of the main reasons they decided to marry them after all.

Why Are Greek Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There is nothing wrong enough with Greece that local women will try to use whatever way is available to them to get out of the country like some other foreign brides. However, these women are naturally curious and want to explore the opportunities that are available to them in other countries. They are fascinated by the Western world and they dream of experiencing it on their own through marriage with a foreign man.

However, that is not the only reason why women in Greece become mail order brides. Most of all in life, they want to feel loved and to be treated well. Unfortunately, many men in Greece take their women for granted and the romance quickly disappears. Greek girls rightfully believe they deserve more and they feel like they can get what they want if they marry a loving, loyal, and respectful Western man.

The Guide on Marrying a Greek Woman

Tips on dating a Greek girl

Even if you fall in love with your Greek bride immediately after meeting her online, you will still need to go through a dating period to make sure your feelings are real and mutual. When dating a Greek girl, use the following tips to make the relationship stronger:

  • Make her feel special. A typical Greek woman doesn’t have a lot of romance in everyday life, so when she is in a relationship, she wants to be truly swept off her feet. It should look and feel like movie romance!
  • Don’t try to seem someone you are not. Greek women are very perceptive and can see right through you. There is no sense in pretending you are wealthier, stronger, younger, or more educated than you really are, because the truth will come out.
  • Discuss everything with her. A Greek bride enjoys it when a man treats her completely as his equal and discusses not only the romantic stuff, but also the news, arts, literature, and everything that makes the person intelligent.
  • Talk about your respective families. There is nothing more important to a Greek mail order bride than her family and she truly loves talking about her family. The good news is that she will also love hearing about your family and will want to meet them.
  • Accept the fact that she won’t always be on time. Greek women are not particularly known for being the most punctual women on the planet. They may try their hardest, but they will still be late for some dates, and the worst thing you can do is make a scene about it.

Meeting Greek bride parents: 3 tips

  • Look presentable and slightly conservative.
  • Say nice things about the house and the food.
  • Get ready to answer questions. 

Greek wedding customs and laws

Greece is a country that is built on traditional beliefs and customs. The Greeks preserved most of the traditions from history and continue to incorporate them into their weddings. Here are the most important facts about a classic Greek wedding.

  • Right and wrong wedding dates. The Greek Orthodox tradition dictates everything on Greek weddings, including the date of the event. The best months to have a wedding in Greece are January and June, while many dates, including 40 days before Christmas, are prohibited.
  • Koumbaro and Koumbara. The Koumbaro and koumbara are the two most important people at a Greek wedding next to the newlyweds. They are chosen from the family’s closest friends or relatives to perform the duties of the best man and the maid of honor, and then they go on to become the godparents to the couple’s children.
  • Wedding superstitions. The Greeks are some of the most superstitious people on the planet, so naturally, Greek weddings are accompanied by numerous superstitious beliefs. For example, the bride should have a coin in her shoe, while the groom needs to put a piece of iron in his pocket.
  • The common cup. During the official wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom will take three sips of wine each from the common cup to prove that they are ready to share and work together.
  • Wedding crowns. When the couple stands before the priest, the koumbaro will hold two symbolic crowns linked with a ribbon over their heads, swapping the crowns back and forth and having the couple walk around the altar to practice for their life journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does religion matter a lot to Greek brides?

We are not exaggerating when we are saying that religion plays an essential role in the life of a Greek woman and matters to her as much as other important aspects of her life. However, Greek brides are accepting of other religions and will never refuse to marry you because you belong to a different confession or make you switch to the Greek Orthodox church.

Should I expect any language barrier?

Greek brides are not as fluent in English as some other European brides simply because they don’t meet a lot of foreigners and rarely have the need to speak English. However, when a Greek mail order bride meets a man she wants to marry, she will quickly upgrade her English to be able to understand you better and help you understand her.

How many children will my Greek wife want?

Many Greek women grow up in big families and they know how great it is to live in a household full of children. However, they also know that raising several kids requires a lot of material and moral resources the family may not always have. That is why most Greek brides prefer having two or three children with the man they love.