Despite its relatively small size and distant location, Haiti is a familiar name to just about anyone in the world. Haiti especially came into prominence following the devastating 2010 earthquake that the country is still recovering from. However, while it’s important to remember and honor that page of Haitian history, today we want to focus on a more pleasant side of this charming island state — the wonderful Haitian women for marriage. Here is everything you need to know about Haitian mail order brides who want to marry foreigners.

Why Are Haitian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Haitian mail order brides are desired by numerous men from around the world, and those men won’t allow long distance or any other factors stop them in their pursuit of hot Haitian women. These are just some of the things that make them so appealing for long-term dating and marriage.

Haitian brides look fabulous

Haitian mail order brides don’t look anything like most other Latin women, but that’s exactly what makes them so special. Haitian women have darker skin and dark, curly hair that makes them look more exotic than most of the women you’ve been together before. Haitian women are typically not very tall or curvy, but their strong, athletic bodies move with such grace and femininity that you will never get tired of seeing them every day for years.

Haitian women are humble and unspoiled

The majority of Haitian women for marriage come from very modest backgrounds and they are not particularly used to the finer things in life. It gives you an opportunity to show them another side of life, but Haitian girls are not the type of women who will constantly demand you to do better. A Haitian woman will not pressure you to get a nicer house, car, or give her more expensive presents. They will be very happy with what you already have and cheer on you when you put another accomplishment under your belt.

Women in Haiti believe in eternal love

Haitian women are naturally not very flirty and they are completely monogamous. Entering a serious relationship with someone is a very important step for them and once they do it, they expect the relationship to progress into a happy married life. So when a Haitian bride chooses you as her partner, you can rest assured she expects to spend a lifetime by your side and not just abandon you at the prospect of a new romance.

What Are Haitian Wives Like?

Marrying a Haitian woman is a decision you will never regret, but if you still need some convincing, here are a few reasons why Haitian wives are so coveted on the international mail order bride scene.

Haitian women make the most natural mothers

By the time they reach the age of marriage, most Haitian women have already had some experience with taking care of the children, whether in their own family or in the families of their closest friends. Haitian wives prefer to have their first child in their twenties and they are perfectly equipped to become nurturing, attentive, and understanding mothers. Your children from a Haitian wife will always be in good hands!

A Haitian wife will take proper care of you

Sending her husband to work without a freshly made breakfast and a lovingly packaged lunch is something unfathomable to a Haitian wife. These women may not be the most career-oriented females in the world, but they perfectly understand that a woman needs to take care of her man. And when you first experience your wife’s cooking talents, you will have no idea how you lived all those years without someone like her.

You will get a supportive partner for life

You may be perfectly accomplished when you first meet and marry your Haitian mail order bride, but those things tend to change. You can lose your job, decide to switch careers, or even want to move to another part of the country or overseas. The one thing you can always count on is your wife’s unquestionable support. Haitian wives are conditioned to stand by their husbands no matter what and you can always look forward to your wife having your back no matter what happens.

Why Are Haitian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

On one hand, Haitian mail order brides are not too different from other foreign women who want to get married to foreign men. They want to be treated well and loved, but sadly, that is not what many Haitian men are prepared to offer to their women. From the media and other sources, Haitian brides know that Western men are respectful, affectionate, and protective of their women, and Haitian mail order brides hope for the same loving treatment.

On the other hand, you don’t need to be an expert to understand that life in Haiti can be tough. The consequences of the earthquake, as well as the country’s overall economic and social state, make it hard for women to achieve what they want and build a good life for themselves and their future kids. That is why they want to unlock better possibilities through a marriage with a foreigner, and they can offer their love and loyalty in return.

The Guide on Marrying a Haitian Woman

Tips on dating a Haitian girl

Even if you meet your Haitian bride online, you will still need to date for some time in person to understand whether you’re a good fit for each other. If you want the relationship to end in a happy marriage, here is how you can make it more satisfying for everyone involved:

  • Be a perfect gentleman. Since Haitian girls are surprisingly old-fashioned, they will not want to split the check after dinner or walk home on their own. Display your best gentlemanly behavior to make the best impression on them.
  • Don’t make fun of their views. The worldview of a typical Haitian woman is a wild mix of Catholicism, Voodoo, and superstitions, but they firmly believe in those things and would be really upset if you expressed criticism about them.
  • Talk about your future family life. To be completely sure that you have a future together, a Haitian bride needs to know you feel the same way about her as she does about her. Discuss your views on life and marriage to confirm that you are on the same page.
  • Surprise her with gifts. Haitian guys are not that known for treating their women like queens, so you can easily make yourself stand out with the right attitude. Small but meaningful gifts are some of the most effective ways to do it.
  • Make lots of compliments. A Haitian bride needs to know she is the most attractive woman for you, and the best way to let her know is to tell a lot of compliments about her appearance and character.

Meeting Haitian bride parents: 3 tips

When you come to Haiti to meet your potential in-laws for the first time, it’s easy to get stressed out and let that important opportunity to make a good impression go to waste. To prevent that from happening, use these three helpful tips.

  • Be respectful but formal. Haitian parents are some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet, but they tend to be more conservative than Western parents. Address them the way they introduce themselves and generally act with the utmost respect.
  • Let them know why you will be a good husband to their daughter. As you can guess, the decision to let their daughter move abroad for marriage is not an easy one to Haitian parents. The least you can do is convince them that she will be loved and protected.
  • Volunteer to help and socialize. One of the worst things you can do when visiting the parents of your Haitian bride is sitting idly while they are doing their best to make you feel at home. You can help with the dinner table and express your interest in meeting the extended family.

Haitian wedding customs and laws

A traditional Haitian wedding is a whole cultural experience and while some of its aspects may seem familiar to you, others will require some time to get used to them. Here are some Haitian wedding customs 

  • The ceremony lasts up to 3 hours. Most wedding ceremonies in Haiti are religious and take place in a church. They include a whole sermon from the pastor and several performances by the church choir, which is why the ceremony will be a few hours long.
  • Best man and maid of honor. You will need to choose your best man and maid of honor very carefully, as those two people will be everywhere with you on your big day, even sitting next to you during the reception.
  • Mini-bride and mini-groom. On many Haitian weddings, it’s a tradition to have a little boy and a girl dressed in outfits similar to the bride and groom’s walk in front of them as a proof that whoever is paying for the wedding can afford it.
  • There will be a lot of dancing. The dancing will start with the bride and her party arriving at the altar doing a traditional dance will be featured at every stage of the ceremony. Needless to say, most of the reception will also be spent dancing with the guests.
  • The wedding cake is left for the next day. The wedding cake is often one of the most expensive elements of the wedding, but it won’t be cut until the next day, when it will be enjoyed at home only by the newlyweds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Haitian brides too religious?

Religion is an integral part of the worldview of Haitian women and is something that helps them function on a daily basis regardless of the various troubles they may face. Most of the Haitian population are devout Roman Catholics. However, there shouldn’t be a problem for your relationship, as Haitian brides are very accepting of other religions and views.

Do Haitian brides have a firm grasp of English?

Most Haitian people speak Haitian French due to their colonial past, as well as Spanish due to their geographic location. However, more and more young Haitian women know English at least on a speaking level, and many of them can successfully communicate with native English speakers without the use of translation services.

Do Haitian women for marriage view an age gap as a problem?

Not at all! In fact, Haitian girls prefer their husbands to be slightly older than themselves. They believe that the older a man is, the more successful he is and the more respect he has towards women. Haitian women want to feel protected by their partners, which is why most Haitian mail order brides will be completely fine with a 10-20 year age difference.