For many outside spectators, Eastern European mail order brides may look, feel, and sound the same. But there is one nationality of Eastern European brides that effortlessly stands out with the help of their ethereal beauty, lovable character, and homemaking abilities. Here are all the reasons why you’ll inevitably want to see a Polish woman as your wife.

Why Are Polish Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Poland is smaller in size and population than Russia and Ukraine, but this Eastern European country has nearly as many mail order brides as those two countries. So why are men chasing Polish brides and what makes them so special?

Slavic beauty

A Polish woman has all the Slavic appearance features you know and love: long light hair, fair skin with strong facial features, and curvy bodies that look fabulous in any clothes. Polish girls are well aware of the effect they have on men and will happily pull attention to their best features with a masterful use of makeup, trendy hairstyles and dye jobs, and, of course, their famous fashion sense that is both elegant and daring.

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Western mindset

Poland may technically be located in Eastern Europe, but its female population is a big believer in the Western way of living. A Polish bride will never sit idly and wait for you to discover her. If a Polish woman sees a man she likes on an international dating site, she will use all her charm and charisma to reach out to him and give a head start to a beautiful relationship. And these Western ideas concern every aspect of the life of a typical Polish girl.

Entertaining character

If you are looking for a woman that will never allow you to get bored even if you spend all of your time together, a Polish mail order bride is your best bet. These women know how to have fun, but even more importantly, they know how to keep their partner entertained. From taking you on a surprise weekend getaway to signing you up for dancing classes — each day with your Polish woman is completely unique.

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What Are Polish Wives Like?

You can have lots of fun with a Polish girl when you are simply dating, but taking her hand in marriage is another way to experience the amazing personality of Polish women for marriage.

Skilled multitaskers

When we say that Polish women can do it all, we are not exaggerating. Millions of Polish wives combine working full-time with being diligent mothers and wives. We don’t know exactly how they do it, but we do no one thing: they don’t allow any aspect of their life to fall behind and will always find ways to fit everything into their busy schedules.

Supportive soulmates

When a Polish woman finds a husband, she doesn’t just find a financial provider or someone to become the father of her children. Most importantly, a Polish bride is looking for a partner in life. Your Polish wife will always have your back and you can expect her to come up with the most sound piece of advice you need at any particular moment.

Homemaking wizards

No matter how busy a Polish woman may be, she will always make sure her house is clean and her family is well-fed. Unlike many other mail order brides, a Polish wife will definitely want to share some of the household duties with you, but she can also be an incredibly accomplished homemaker when her family needs her.

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Why Are Polish Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Unlike many Asian and Eastern European countries, Polish mail order brides don’t decide to marry Western men out of material needs or their desire to look for better opportunities in life. Poland has everything a young and ambitious woman may need. So why do so many hot Polish girls decide to marry foreigners?

Over the years, Polish women have fully adopted the Western way of living and now want to be treated well, build careers, and have a respectable place in the society. Unfortunately, many Polish men have a different idea about women and marriage and only want their wives to stay home and work around the house. That is why the number one reason why there are so many Polish mail order brides is that they want to build a happy life with a man whose mentality and views fits theirs.

The Guide on Marrying a Polish Woman

Tips on dating a Polish girl

If you look for Polish women for marriage on a specialized international dating site, it will take you far less effort to charm a beautiful Polish girl. Check out some dating tips for Polish women:

  • Don’t try to impress her with material things. A Polish girl is capable of providing for herself and wants to get to know your personality, not your bank statement.
  • Get ready to have fun. A Polish woman may go on the first date to a nice restaurant, but she will have more and more unusual ideas for your dates as the relationship progresses.
  • Don’t be afraid of women who make the first move. You are probably used to reaching out to women, but Polish girls are so confident that they will talk to you first if they are interested.
  • Ask a lot of questions. A typical Polish woman is well-read, educated, and experienced in things you don’t know much about. Make sure to ask her questions to show your genuine interest in her.
  • Don’t stretch out the relationship. A Polish bride will never want to spend years dating or being engaged. Your relationship needs to move quickly at a speed that is comfortable for both parties.
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Meeting Polish bride parents: 3 tips

Even if it’s not your first time meeting the parents of your girlfriend, the prospect of talking to your future Polish in-laws for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Here is how you can make the best impression on the parents of your Polish bride:

  • Act confident. You may not know this, but the parents of your Polish girl will be equally worried before and during the first meeting. They want to see that you are capable of being a good husband to their beloved daughter, which is why you need to act cool, calm, and collected.
  • Learn a few Polish phrases. Unlike the younger generation of Poles, your bride’s parents may know little to no English. You will probably communicate through your girlfriend, which is totally fine, but you can get extra points by learning a few common phrases in Polish to say “Hello”, “Nice to meet you”, “Thank you”, “That’s delicious”, and “Goodbye”.
  • Don’t come empty-handed. The polite thing to do when you are meeting your Polish woman’s parents for the first time is to bring gifts for mom, dad, and any other relatives who may live with them. The gifts don’t need to be exclusive and expensive, but they also cannot be the generic stuff you get at the airport. As your girlfriend for help!

Polish wedding customs and laws

Polish weddings are rather tame in comparison to some more exotic ceremonies and don’t have any particularly outlandish traditions. However, if you are planning to marry a Polish bride, here are some things you should know about:

  • Most Polish mail order brides are devout Catholics, which is why the wedding is almost always held in a church. At the same time, destination wedding ceremonies are also getting more and more popular. After the church wedding, which lasts approximately one hour, the party will move to a restaurant or open-air location for a fun celebration that lasts all night.
  • At most Polish weddings, you will hear the sound of glasses breaking, but, contrary to a popular belief, it actually means luck in marriage. After entering the reception venue, the newlyweds will be greeted by their parents who hand them a shot of vodka each. After drinking the vodka, the bride and the groom smash their shot glasses, and if they break, the marriage will be a happy one.
  • Your Polish wedding will have lots of dancing. Besides eating and congratulating the newlyweds, the guests at a Polish wedding reception will mostly dance. There is usually a live band accompanying the event, and the Polish songs they will play are so cheerful and infectious that you cannot help but join the fun.


Will there be a language barrier?

In the past, only a small percentage of Polish citizens knew English and could freely communicate with foreigners. Today, however, a language barrier is not something you need to worry about when meeting Polish brides, as they receive a good education and know just enough English to maintain a meaningful conversation with you.

Are Polish brides only interested in my wealth?

A popular misconception about Eastern European brides is that they have gold-digging natures and only want to marry rich men. While it’s true that a Polish woman will need you to support her and your children financially, she will never love you simply for how much money you have — your personalities also need to match.

How many children will my Polish wife want?

Most Polish mail order brides grow up in families with several siblings, which is why they will probably not stop at just one kid. To a Polish woman, the house feels complete only when there are at least two children, but she will effortlessly raise 3 or 4 kids as long as they are a product of a loving and respectful union.