India is one of the most famous Asian countries that is known for its immense population, socioeconomic disparity, and fascinating culture that spans back across centuries. India is also one of the most popular spots for Asian mail order brides, and if you have never experienced the charm and beauty of an Indian lady, here is everything you need to know about Indian women for marriage!

Why Are Indian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

You don’t really need to spend a long time with an Indian bride to understand why they are so irresistible to men — their best qualities are so strong that you can experience them immediately after meeting an Indian lady.

They are attractive

The beauty of Indian girls cannot be confused with the appearance of any other Asian bride ethnicity. Indian women have a deep caramel skin tone and raven-black, shiny hair that frames their faces beautifully. The eyes of an Indian woman are usually dark and piercing, but there are some Indian girls with captivating light eyes. You will also undoubtedly enjoy the body of a typical Indian girl: these women are not tall or skinny, but their feminine, athletic build is exactly what most men want to see by their side.

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They are smart

One of the first things you notice about an Indian bride is how intelligent she is. You would never guess it from their ethereal beauty or slightly flirty behavior, but these women have read more books than their Western counterparts. Indian women always strive to learn and become better versions of themselves. As a result, they are well-versed in literature, arts, world politics, sports, and everything you could ever want to discuss with your potential bride. Needless to say, this intelligence, paired with hard-working nature, promises great things for the career of an Indian lady.

They have a lot of love to give

Love and romance are one of the top priorities in the life of an Indian woman. These girls don’t rush into relationships as soon as they reach a certain age, but deep down, they always dream about the day when they meet their future husband and shower him with love, care, and affection. Being in a relationship with an Indian woman feels like being the most important guest at your own home, and that is something that makes Indian girls so hard to resist.

What Are Indian Wives Like?

When talking about the popularity of Indian women for marriage, we mean not only their most obvious advantages, but also the many qualities that make them ideal wife material. Here is why you will want to make an Indian woman your wife.

Loyal partners

Loyalty is the biggest virtue of Indian wives. When they marry a man, they accept him with all of his imperfections and problems. An Indian woman will never ruin your confidence or abandon you at the first sight of financial or health issues. She will stay by your side, help you with everything you need, give you the right piece of advice when you need it, and make your house the most comfortable place where you always feel like home.

Amazing mothers

Indian wives have many talents and interests, but they definitely feel like they were born to become mothers. Most Indian girls already know how to take care of babies thanks to growing with multiple children, but even more importantly, they have naturally warm, caring personalities that ensure a happy, compassionate upbringing. Your children will grow up to be the most accomplished and content adults, and it’s all thanks to the kid raising talents of an Indian wife.

Skilled homemakers

Whether your Indian wife works as a primary school teacher, doesn’t work at all, or occupies a top spot at a huge enterprise, you can expect your house to always be taken care of and your dinner table to be filled with freshly made, fragrant, and very comforting Indian and local dishes. We don’t know exactly how Indian women manage to do it all, but there is no denying the fact that homemaking seems to be one of their true callings.

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Why Are Indian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Indian population is famously huge, but even by these standards, the number of Indian mail order brides is equally impressive. So why do thousands of Indian women decide to become mail order brides and look for foreign husbands every year?

There are several reasons why it continues to happen. First, through media and books, Indian women adopt the Western way of thinking and feel much closer to the lifestyles of Western men than their local men. Second, Indian women are fairly ambitious and are always looking for better career and personal growth opportunities. Third, all Indian girls want is to be treated well by men, and they believe they have a better chance of achieving that with a foreign husband.

The Guide on Marrying an Indian Woman

Tips on dating an Indian girl

It may seem like Indian women are super different from Western ladies and therefore need a very special approach in dating. However, a relationship with an Indian girl will prove to be one of the best times in your life and it’s not as complicated as it looks. Here is how to make your dating period even better.

  • Take things slowly. Indian women prefer not to rush things in a relationship and instead take their time, savoring every stage of romance. No matter how much you may want to progress through the relationship, you need to follow your girlfriend’s wishes.
  • Respect her beliefs. Cultural, religious, and even relationship beliefs of your Indian woman may be completely different from what you are used to, but it doesn’t mean you get to be insensitive about them or openly disrespect them.
  • Make her feel special. A typical Indian girl does not get a lot of romantic treatment prior to meeting her foreign boyfriend, but all she wants is to feel loved. Use everything you can to show her how much you care about her.
  • Speak your mind. Indian women prefer to openly talk about the problems in a relationship, their expectations, and how to make things better. The same behavior from you will result in a long-lasting romance and mutually respectful relationship.
  • Plan your future together. Women in India don’t open up to a lot of men throughout their lives. If your Indian girl has spent a considerable amount of time with you, it means she envisions a future together. Talk about your plans for the future and make sure they include her!
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Meeting Indian bride parents: 3 tips

In most cases, you will meet your Indian bride’s parents in India. Traveling to a completely different part of the world can be stressful, but not as stressful as trying to make a good impression on your future in-laws. Here are 3 tips for making your first meeting successful.

  • Act polite and quiet. Grown-up Indian people are big believers in subordination and family hierarchy. That is why it’s not a good idea to address them by their names or call them Mom and Dad when you meet them for the first time. Be as polite as you can be and only talk when you are prompted.
  • Prove you will be a good husband. Like most parents in the world, Indian people would rather have their daughter get married to a local guy and live close to them. If they are going to make the tough decision to allow her to move overseas, they need to know you as a future husband are worth it.
  • Learn about them before the meeting. A quick way to win your potential Indian in-laws is to show your knowledge about their family. Where they come from, where they work, what religion they follow, and what interests they have are the key things you need to learn about them from your girlfriend prior to the meeting.
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Indian wedding customs and laws

  • A typical wedding takes three days. That’s right, the whole family and social circle will celebrate you as newlyweds for three days straight! And the wedding ceremony itself takes place only on the third day. On the second day, you will have a memorable ceremony called sangeet and on the first day, there will be a more intimate event called ganesh pooja.
  • No alcohol will be served at the wedding. Due to the deeply rooted religious traditions of a Hindu wedding, alcohol will not be present at any part of the wedding ceremony.
  • Loud entrance for the groom. The groom and his side of the wedding guest list will enter the hall of the ceremony in a mini-parade, complete with music and dancing. The bride’s guests, on the other hand, will have a much quieter entrance.
  • Walk around the fire. There will be a small fire burning by your side while you are getting married. At some point of the ceremony, your and the bride’s outfits will be tied together and you will walk around the fire several times to signify your union.
  • You may not kiss the bride. While Western weddings usually culminate in the groom lifting the bride’s veil and giving his new wife a kiss, this is not something that happens at most Indian weddings. They are mostly conservative and you will need to postpone the first kiss until you are alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a significant language barrier?

Not at all! English is one of the most widely spoken languages in India, and while not all of the older generations of Indians may speak English, young Indian brides are more than proficient in English. They read and watch a lot of stuff in English and are able to support any conversation.

Do Indian women continue working after the wedding?

In most cases, yes! Indian women are some of the hardest-working females in the world. They begin working in their teens and usually don’t give up work even after getting married. However, an Indian bride may be open to a discussion about leaving work if you two feel it’s interfering with her family life.

Do all Indian brides want a lot of kids?

The majority of Indian girls grow up in families with more than two children, and even though they experience the job of living in a multiple-children household, they also learn how hard it is. That is why most Indian brides don’t want more than two children, which is the perfect number of kids in a family anyway.