Located in the warmest part of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria stands out among other countries of the region. Bulgaria has a long and interesting history, fascinating culture, and lots of vacation spots. If you have never given much thought to Bulgaria, here is why you will want to at least consider the beautiful Bulgarian women for marriage.

Why Are Bulgarian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Bulgarian mail order brides enjoy immense popularity on any dating site. So what exactly makes Bulgarian women so attractive to men from other countries?

Bulgarian brides look fabulous

You can instantly tell that a Bulgarian woman is beautiful simply by looking at her, but the interesting thing about the appearance of Bulgarian brides is that there is no universal way to characterize it. Bulgarian girls can be light-skinned and tanned, blonde-haired or have black locks, be petite and skinny or tall and athletic. The one thing we can say with full certainty is that Bulgarian brides are some of the prettiest and sexiest women you will meet when visiting Eastern Europe.

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There is nothing a Bulgarian woman won’t do for love

Bulgarian mail order brides come with all walks of life, have different life experiences, levels of income, and social lives. What they all have in common is that they are enamored with the idea of love. Ultimately, all a Bulgarian woman wants is to love and be loved. When she finds a partner she finds ideal for herself, she will do everything to make the relationship last and preserve the love in the relationship forever.

A Bulgarian bride considers family to be her #1 priority

You will hardly find a Bulgarian girl who isn’t close to her parents, siblings, and grandparents. Bulgarian family celebrations are always loud, fun, and highly memorable. Then, after a Bulgarian bride gets married, she puts her new family first. Rest assured your new Bulgarian girlfriend will begin imagining family life with you shortly after meeting you, even if she never actually tells you about it.

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What Are Bulgarian Wives Like?

If you have ever met anyone who is happily married to a Bulgarian wife, they would probably tell you about the following perks of living with a Bulgarian woman as your loving wife.

She will support you no matter what

When a Bulgarian woman gets married, she considers marriage to be a partnership, first and foremost. To her, being a faithful partner means supporting her husband no matter what he’s going through. Whether you need some words of encouragement when you are making an important career move, long for your wife’s sound advice when making a life-changing decision, or simply want a shoulder to cry on, you can expect your wife to be 100% supportive.

Bulgarian wives make fantastic mothers

We don’t know if it’s a genetic feature, years of experience from growing up with siblings, or simply a natural talent, but Bulgarian wives are some of the most affectionate and nurturing mothers you could ever meet. A Bulgarian wife may be very happy with just you for a while, but she will always want children to make the family complete. Nothing will make your wife happier than the sound of your children laughing.

Their cooking skills are second to none

You can meet hundreds of Bulgarian women and they will all be incredibly skilled cooks. As little girls, future Bulgarian wives spend a lot of time watching their mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen. As they grow older, their interest in cooking and their love for hearty homemade food does not go anywhere. A Bulgarian wife will never say no to you taking over the cooking duties once in a while or ordering takeout on a lazy weekend afternoon, but she will gladly use cooking as one more way to show her love for her family.

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Why Are Bulgarian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

In many ways, Bulgaria resembles its neighboring countries, including Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania. That is why the reasons for Bulgarian women becoming mail order brides are nearly identical to those of other Eastern European brides:

  • Bulgarian women rightfully believe that they deserve better treatment than their local men can give them. Many men in Bulgaria still believe a woman’s main objective is to stay home and raise the children.
  • The women of Bulgaria have a strong attraction to Western guys who they grew up watching in films and teen TV shows. They enjoy everything about men from Western countries and believe they make great life companions.
  • Bulgaria isn’t the most problematic country in Europe, but Bulgarian women are very ambitious and often consider Bulgaria to be too small and restrictive for their career aspirations.

The Guide on Marrying a Bulgarian Woman

Tips on dating a Bulgarian girl

When you are interested in a Bulgarian mail order bride, you cannot jump straight to marriage no matter how much you may want it. You will need to spend some time dating, and here is how to make the most out of it.

  • Don’t wait for her first move. A Bulgarian girl will indicate her interest in you, but she will rarely write the first message on a dating site or give you her number in person. It’s not because she is shy — she just prefers to make the man work for it.
  • Act like a gentleman. In a way, Bulgarian ladies are slightly old-fashioned and they certainly enjoy being treated like a princess. Even if it’s only in the first stages of the relationship, gentlemanly behavior is always welcome.
  • Ask questions about her family and culture. Your Bulgarian girl will want to know as much as possible about you, but she will also be delighted when you express your genuine interest in her cultural background and family origins.
  • Make sure your family values match. You are planning to spend a lifetime together, so it’s very important that your views on marriage, children, career, and money fit well together.
  • Don’t drag out your romance. Ideally, your Bulgarian’s bride and your ultimate goal is a happily married life, and you need to make that happen as soon as possible. If you plan to exclusively talk online for years, the relationship may fizzle out very quickly.
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Meeting Bulgarian bride parents: 3 tips

If things are going well between you two, there will probably be a wedding on the horizon. However, before you can take that leap of faith, you will inevitably meet her parents. Here is how to charm your future Bulgarian in-laws.

  • Use a couple of phrases in Bulgarian. Bulgarian is famously a hard language to master for Western bachelors, partially because it has a Cyrillic alphabet and doesn’t sound like any other language you may know. However, memorizing the pronunciation of a few common phrases in Bulgarian can go a long way in a Bulgarian household.
  • Bring gifts from your home country. As a well-mannered modern man, you probably cannot imagine visiting the house of your bride’s parents without some gifts. However, they shouldn’t be generic gifts you can get at any Bulgarian supermarket. Ideally, you need to bring something specific from your home country.
  • Prove you will be a good husband. Bulgarian parents are not authoritarian and they cannot prohibit their daughter from marrying someone she loves. However, you will give them a much-needed peace of mind if you put emphasis on your positive husbandly qualities and your ability to provide for the future family.

Bulgarian wedding customs and laws

The views of Bulgarian people on most things are not outdated, but it seems like traditional Bulgarian weddings have not been influenced by the modern wedding traditions at all. While preparing for your own wedding to a Bulgarian bride, get ready for the following universal customs.

  • Two engagement parties. “Asking for the bride’s parents’ blessing” is still alive and well in Bulgaria. First, you will ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage in an intimate ceremony between the families, and then there will be a big and loud engagement party to celebrate it all.
  • Dowry. The dowry may not be seen at many Western weddings anymore, but your Bulgarian bride’s parents will likely present you with some form of dowry that can range from home textiles to appliances.
  • Traditional wedding outfits. You may change your outfits several times during the wedding ceremony, but at one point, you will both wear traditional Bulgarian wedding outfits. They heavily feature white and red, and the bride will wear an opaque red veil.
  • Saying goodbye to the bride. This is an emotional and often tearful part of the ceremony that usually takes place right after the wedding. The bride says goodbye to her family home that she will now only visit as a guest, as she has to move in with her husband and his family.
  • Visiting the family. For the next few days after the wedding, you will be visiting the homes of the closest members of your family. Since you are a foreign husband, you will probably mostly visit the bride’s family, and it’s your chance to get closer to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be a language barrier problem?

Bulgaria is a country that is quickly adopting the Western way of thinking, but the older generation of Bulgarians still does not usually know any English. Younger Bulgarian women, however, usually know just enough English to communicate with potential suitors and they will actively learn it better when the relationship starts getting more serious.

Do Bulgarian brides work after the wedding?

There is no definitive answer to this question for one reason: Bulgarian brides share qualities both with Eastern and Western European brides. The majority of Bulgarian women return to work after getting married, but some of them will want to become full-time stay-at-home wives and mothers as soon as you are fine with this arrangement.

How many kids will my Bulgarian wife want?

In the past century, Bulgarian families started having fewer and fewer kids. While the absolute majority of couples in Bulgaria have children, most of them stop at one or two. That is why your Bulgarian wife will probably also want no more than two children, so that those kids could get all the love and care your Bulgarian woman is capable of.