Why Are Egyptian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Egyptian is not the closest country to the Western part of the world, but the number of Western men who want to meet Egyptian women for marriage or long-term relationships continues to grow. Here are just some of the things you will love about Egyptian mail order brides.

They are exotically gorgeous

The beauty of Egyptian women is not something that will take you ages to see. Their appearance is striking and Egyptian brides are surprisingly humble about it, which only makes them more irresistible. The strong facial traits, dark hair and eyes, olive skin tone, and tinted lips of Egyptian women will make you dream about seeing them again. The fashion style of Egyptian mail order brides is very modest, but even then, you can get a pretty good idea about their beautiful figures.

They are romantic and attentive

Egyptian brides have a rare ability to completely dissolve themselves in a romantic relationship. When an Egyptian woman is in love, nothing else will matter as much to her as the happiness and comfort of her partner. You can expect to always be the centre of your bride’s universe, and this setup won’t go anywhere with time. She will become even more caring and attentive as your relationship progresses and turns into a wonderful marriage.

They have healthy ambitions

An Egyptian bride is not the type of woman who will constantly try to achieve more while sacrificing her family life. These women have healthy ambitions that in no way prevent them from doing what they do best: being a wonderful girlfriend, wife, and mother. Moreover, Egyptian mail order brides don’t have any outlandish material expectations from their potential partners and will never pressure you into giving more and more expensive gifts.

What Are Egyptian Wives Like?

Marrying an Egyptian bride certainly requires more effort from you than marriage to a local woman. However, thousands of Western men before you have made this decision and never regretted it even once. These are the top 3 reasons why you’ll love having an Egyptian wife.

They don’t have a problem with the husband being the leader

The traditional upbringing and life views of Egyptian women for marriage are, among other things, reflected in the way they view the power balance in the family. An Egyptian wife not only lets her husband be the sole leader of the family — she actively embraces her role as a supportive and soft-spoken wife while the husband is responsible for the most important aspects of living as a family.

They will make you fall in love with homemade food

More and more women in the West are now trying to delegate the cooking to other members of the family, a professional cook, or even a delivery service, but this is now how Egyptian wives view this side of housework. An Egyptian wife relaxes by cooking for her family and she can only feel absolutely accomplished when she knows exactly what her loved ones eat. Egyptian women for marriage are inspired cooks and they know how to make a lot with a little.

They reach their peak happiness through motherhood

An Egyptian wife can enjoy living with you for some time and she will try to make the most out of that time. However, sooner rather than later, she will want to make your family grow. If you’ve wanted to have kids for some time now, we are happy to tell you that you will hardly find a more affectionate, nurturing, and objective mother than an Egyptian woman. Even if you have kids from a previous marriage, she will love them as her own.

Why Are Egyptian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

There are two main reasons why marriage to a foreign man is such an attractive idea to Egyptian mail order brides. The first one is the state of things in Egypt. It’s far from being the most troubled country in the world, but it’s also not an ideal place for young women to live. Political turmoil, low employment rate and wages, poor attitude from men, and societal pressure are just some of the things Egyptian brides are trying to escape when marrying foreign men.

However, there is no denying the fact that a Western man is incredibly appealing to a typical Egyptian girl. Everything from the way he looks to the way he talks, treats women, and builds a career is something an Egyptian woman finds very attractive. She can easily imagine being together with a Western man and is actively seeking marriage opportunities 

The Guide On Marrying An Egyptian Woman

Tips on dating an Egyptian girl

Before beginning to date Egyptian women, you need to remember that these women don’t date casually. Instead, they are looking for someone they can potentially marry and start a family with. That is why your relationship needs to have a clear direction. Here is what else you can do to make your relationship thrive.

  • Make her feel safe from the start. Unfortunately, many Egyptian brides have been burned by relationships where they felt undervalued or even unsafe. This is not the foundation you want to create for a new relationship, so show her a different treatment from the one she’s used to.
  • Prove yourself to be a great listener. Being good listeners is a signature personality trait of Egyptian mail order brides, but they also have many great stories to share. Give them space to talk and give suitable feedback so that they know you listen.
  • Don’t behave the way foreigners usually do. There is a worrying trend of foreign guys coming to Egypt as tourists, spending a couple of weeks with an Egyptian woman, promising her the world and then disappearing. Reassure your woman that you don’t plan to do anything like that.
  • Tell her that you only see her. Egyptian brides are not particularly jealous, but they can lose confidence and become insecure when they notice your interest in other women. To avoid harming your relationship when it’s only beginning, make sure to only have eyes for your bride.
  • Discuss the important details of your future life. Ideally, your relationship will end in a marriage and a family, so it’s important to know that you are on the same page when it comes to the essential issues of living together as a family.

Meeting Egyptian bride parents: 3 tips

The important thing to remember about the parents of your Egyptian mail order bride prior to the first meeting is that they are likely rather conservative. So they will use that meeting as a way to make sure you are a good match for their daughter. Here is how you can make a great first impression on them.

  • Pay special attention to your look. Egyptian people dress very modestly. They will hardly appreciate you showing up in shorts, flip-flops, and a tank top. Unusual hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications are also looked down upon in Egypt.
  • Tell positive stories about your family. The first meeting is a great opportunity to show yourself to be a family man and boast your background. A couple of cute stories about your family will warm the hearts of your future in-laws and make them like you more.
  • Surprise them with gifts from home. In Egyptian culture, visiting the house for the first time empty-handed is something unacceptable. The parents of your bride won’t expect anything extravagant or expensive, but they will want to see something that represents your country.

Egyptian wedding customs and laws

When getting ready to finally marry your Egyptian bride, you will have lots of things to take care of. An Egyptian wedding is a huge, expensive event with hundreds of guests. You can incorporate your country’s traditions into the ceremony, but Egyptian wedding customs will also be featured heavily in the proceedings. Here are the top 5 customs to remember.

  • Approval from the parents. A wedding between an Egyptian bride and her man cannot proceed without getting approval from her parents first. This stems from the tradition of arranged marriages, which are no longer in place but left a long-lasting impact.
  • Mahr and shabka. Before the bride’s family can seriously consider a man as a potential son-in-law, he will need to bring them mahr, which is a certain amount of money, and shabka, which is a piece of gold jewelry for the bride.
  • The henna night. Prior to the wedding, there will be several nights of celebrations, which will culminate in a henna night. This a celebration for the bride and her female friends or family members where they wear belly dancing outfits and do henna tattoos.
  • Religious wedding ceremony. The religious wedding ceremony is the central part of an Egyptian wedding. It can be a Christian wedding, which will take place in a church, or a Muslim wedding, which is typically held at a mosque or at the parents’ home.
  • Cutting the cake. An Egyptian wedding reception is pretty much a standard reception that starts at around 10 p.m. and lasts until the early morning. The culmination of the event is cutting the cake and the bride and the groom feeding it to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the religious situation among Egyptian brides?

The majority of Egyptians, closer to 90%, identify as Muslims with the remaining part of the population belonging to Christianity. Religion is pretty important to Egyptian women and they use it for spiritual guidance and when making important life decisions. However, they don’t discriminate against people based on religion and are open to meeting people of other denominations.

Do Egyptian women for marriage know English on a decent level?

The answer to this question can depend on several factors — most importantly, the community your bride comes from and her occupation. Naturally, Egyptian women from big cities and middle-class families have more opportunities to get a good education. Incidentally, those are also the women you meet as mail order brides. Plus, Egyptian girls who work in the hospitality industry or international companies are more likely to know English well.

Do Egyptian wives prefer to contribute to the family budget?

Egyptian mail order brides are very traditional in terms of who forms the family budget and who takes care of the house. There is a small part of women in Egypt who want to work and make their own income, but the majority of Egyptian brides believe that the ideal family situation is when the man is the sole provider and the woman is a diligent housewife.