Turkey is a unique country. On one hand, it is considered to be an Asian country, which is why most of the common stereotypes about Asia can be applied to Turkey. On the other hand, Turkey is one of the most Westernized Asian states, which is reflected in its culture, economy, and other aspects of the society. Turkey is a must-visit country for every citizen of the world, but it has one more attraction that is rarely discussed. Here is your definitive guide to Turkish women for marriage.

Why Are Turkish Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

When you meet Turkish girls for the first time, you can’t help but notice their most striking qualities.

Otherworldly beauty

The look of a Turkish bride is the ideal combination of exotic and familiar traits. These women have fair skin with rosy cheeks, while their hair is dark and wavy. The facial features of Turkish girls are so strong that they barely need any makeup to highlight it. Turkish women are also renowned for their fashion sense, which is both slightly exotic for Western eyes and very flattering for the body types and personalities of Turkish girls.

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Loyal to their core

As a modern man, you have probably been cheated on before, which certainly hurts at all. This is not something you should worry about with Turkish women because it’s simply not in their nature to be unfaithful to a man. When they choose a man to be their husband, they expect the partnership to last for life — they have seen the great marriages of their parents and other family members and they want the same for themselves.

Lots of passion to share

Turkish brides may seem reserved and distant at your first meeting, but this is nothing more than a facade. Turkish girls are too well-behaved and shy to display their true romantic feelings. However, once you get to know them better, you will also get to know their more passionate side. Your Turkish bride may not have a lot of dating experience before meeting you, but she is naturally gifted in all things love.

What Are Turkish Wives Like?

When talking about Turkish women, it’s important to know that while Turkish brides are very popular with foreign men, they only do it because they want a loyal Turkish wife by their side. Here is what it’s like to marry a Turkish mail order bride.

Unwavering respect and support

To a Turkish wife, a husband is not just a financial provider or a father of her children. First and foremost, it’s her partner who she intends to spend a lifetime with. That is why she will do everything to keep you comfortable. Your Turkish wife will always support your endeavors, cheer you up when things go wrong, and treat you with the respect you deserve.


You may have met women who are skilled cooks, constantly clean the house, or never let their husband and children leave home in dirty or unironed clothes. However, with a Turkish wife, you will get all of that and more. No matter how career-oriented a modern Turkish bride can be, she always considers housework to be her priority.

Love for children

To a Turkish woman, a family will never be complete without at least two beautiful children. If you have kids from a previous marriage, she will undoubtedly love them as her own, but she will also want at least one child from you to see the product of your love in an adorable baby. And trust us, you wouldn’t wish for a better mother to your children than a caring and loving Turkish wife.

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Why Are Turkish Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Turkey is not your typical Asian country where women decide to become mail order brides purely for financial reasons. Turkish women have everything they need at home, so why do they consider becoming mail order brides and search for foreign husbands?

The most common reason why mail order brides are a growing trend in Turkey is that Turkish women find their country to be too old-fashioned and restrictive for them. They want to experience life to the fullest and find out what it’s like to leave overseas with their soulmate. That is why they are so open to the idea of becoming brides to foreign men.

The Guide on Marrying a Turkish Woman

Tips on dating a Turkish girl

Every great marriage is preceded by a period of dating. Whether it will last a few weeks, a few months, or a few years is completely up to your and your Turkish bride. What matters is that this experience is pleasant to both parties. Here are a few tips for successfully dating a Turkish girl.

  • Show her that you care. The most important thing a Turkish bride needs from her partner is attention and care. From texting her to find out how her day has been to bringing her food and medications when she’s sick — your Turkish bride needs to see genuine care from you.
  • Respect her views and beliefs. As a Western man, you are probably unprepared for some aspects of Turkish culture and religion. The worst thing you can do is openly mock or disrespect them. Get to know her background and she will forever be grateful.
  • Don’t hide your feelings. Turkish women are emotional and affectionate. If she doesn’t hear from you about your feelings, she may think you are not interested and therefore not worth spending time on. Let her know about the way you feel.
  • Discuss your future together. A Turkish girl does not look for a foreign boyfriend — she looks for a potential husband and father of her children. If you want to succeed in your relationship, make sure to discuss the future you two will have together.
  • Be generous. Trying to impress a Turkish bride with your material possessions is completely useless, but no Turkish woman will say no to a tasteful gift, a dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a surprise vacation overseas.
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Meeting Turkish bride parents: 3 tips

Before you can make a Turkish mail order bride your loving wife, you will inevitably meet her parents. To make the meeting as smooth as possible and to cement your positions as an eligible groom for the bride, follow these easy tips.

  • Show them you care about their daughter. Turkish parents find it hard to send their daughter to live abroad with her husband, so the least you can do to give them a piece of mind is prove that you care about her and will never hurt her.
  • Stay humble and respectful. Even if you have plenty of experience with charming Western parents, Turkish parents are completely different in this regard. To make a good impression, don’t say too much, don’t talk over them, and don’t call them solely by their first names.
  • Learn a few things about Turkish culture. You will have a lifetime to learn the ins and outs of Turkish culture with your Turkish wife, but you can make an effort and mention a couple of facts or phrases in Turkish to impress your future in-laws.

Turkish wedding customs and laws

  • Stealing the bride. This is a rather outdated tradition that is nevertheless often used in Turkish weddings. On the day of the ceremony, you will arrive at your bride’s house and will need to work extra hard to convince her family to open the door and let you take her to the wedding. This is all done in jest, but you may even have to bribe the children guarding the entrance to the house.
  • Simple wedding ceremony. Surprisingly to many foreign grooms, a typical Turkish wedding ceremony takes just between 15 and 20 minutes and only the closest family members and friends are invited. The wedding reception, however, is a different story. There can be hundreds of guests at the reception and the tables will be filled with delicious Turkish treats. Everyone will sing, dance, and have a lovely time.
  • Wedding gifts. It’s up to the guests what to give to the newlyweds as wedding gifts, but what you will always see on a Turkish wedding is money. The bride and the groom will wear sashes. The guests will take turns to take photographs with the couple, and each guest will pin money to the sashes. The money is to be used on buying property, doing a honeymoon, or achieving another goal of the couple.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Turkish brides religious?

Turkey does not have an official religion, but over 90% of the country’s population consider Islam to be their religion. There is a big possibility that your Turkish bride belongs to this part of the population, but this shouldn’t create any problems for your relationship. First, more and more Turkish girls feel less restricted about their own religious views. Second, they are welcoming to any other world religions and don’t have an issue if you are not religious at all.

How well do Turkish brides know English?

The older generation of Turkish people know little to no English, but younger Turkish mail order brides are a different story. Their upbringing was heavily influenced by Western culture, which almost always came in English. Plus, they learn decent English in schools and universities and can successfully communicate with foreigners using their knowledge of English.

Will my Turkish wife contribute to the family budget?

For sure! As long as you are fine with having a working wife, your Turkish bride will be more than happy to have a job and make a contribution to the family’s finances. However, if she finds her job to interfere with her family obligations, she will not hesitate to make the correct choice in favor of her husband and children.