When you think about foreign mail order brides, Eastern European women are probably the first ones to jump to your mind. You probably know someone happily married to a woman from Eastern Europe or at least heard about these love stories in the media or from popular culture. However, you don’t need to just be an observer — there are thousands of young, beautiful, and passionate Eastern European brides who cannot wait to meet their ideal foreign husband. 

The variety of brides from Eastern Europe includes different nationalities: Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Romanian, Slovakian, Czech, Slovenian, Bulgarian, and Russian girls. Each of these categories of mail order brides has its own peculiarities, but they also share a lot of similarities that we are going to discuss today. Find out everything you need to know about Eastern European brides from our guide!

Why Are Eastern European Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

If you sign up for an Eastern European dating site, you will join thousands, if not millions of Western men who dream of finding a bride from Eastern Europe. So what exactly makes these women so attractive?

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Appealing looks

The beauty of Eastern European girls is not striking, but it’s exactly the kind of beauty you can see every day without getting tired in the slightest. Eastern European women have mild facial features and light hair, but they know how to look their best with a masterful use of makeup. At the same time, the appearance of Eastern European brides can be very diverse: for example, Ukrainian women are known for their dark and sleek hair, while Belarusian brides will captivate you with their blonde locks. Women of Eastern Europe are not stick-thin and have plenty of curves for you to admire.

Lots of love

Everything an Eastern European woman does, she does it for love. From the youngest age, Eastern European girls dream about the day they will find true love. And when they do, they will make sure to let you know you are their favorite person in the world. From the first quiet declarations of love to playful public displays of affection — an Eastern European bride will shower you with love.

Active lifestyle

You will hardly find a Polish, Ukrainian, or Romanian bride who simply sits around all day doing nothing or watching TV. These women grow up with a huge love for books and have various hobbies while growing up. And even as adults, they don’t lose their active outlook on life. They will always try new hobbies, keep up to date with pop culture, and know how to have fun even when the two of you are staying at home.

What Are Eastern European Wives Like?

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Every happy relationship with a woman from Russia, Belarus, Poland, or Ukraine culminates in marriage, and here is what you can expect from an Eastern European wife.

She will always have your back

When an Eastern European bride agrees to marry you, she expects this union to last forever. No matter what you are going through, you can always look forward to a wise piece of advice, encouragement, and quiet support from your Eastern European wife.

She is absolutely faithful

For the same reason your Eastern European wife won’t abandon you at the first sign of trouble, she will also be forever faithful to you as long as you are 100% faithful to her. Trust and fidelity in marriage are essential to an Eastern European woman and she will always be honest with you.

She is a wizard around the house

If you have always lived along, prepare your world to turn upside down when your Eastern European wife moves in with you. The homemaking skills of Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Polish women are already the subject of many legends and you will enjoy coming home every day to a sparkling clean home, freshly washed linens, and a tasty three-course dinner prepared with love.

Why Are Eastern European Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

It is completely understandable when men go crazy over Eastern European brides, but why do these gorgeous women want to marry a foreign man and move overseas? There are three main reasons why it’s happening:

  • There are more women than men. In most Eastern European countries, including Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and Romania, the ratio of women to men is uneven and by the time an Eastern European girl reaches the age of marriage, it turns out that the most eligible men are already taken.
  • They seek better opportunities. Life in Eastern Europe, particularly its more developed part consisting of Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary, is not as tough as in some other parts of the world, but Eastern European brides instinctively want their future children to be born in an environment that is better financially, culturally, and socially.
  • They want to be treated better. Unfortunately, it is still common for many Eastern European men, especially in former USSR countries,  to consider their wives to be inferior and only good for housework and childbirth. That is why Eastern European girls seek better treatment from Western men.

The Guide on Marrying an Eastern European Women

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Tips on dating an Eastern European girl

Want to make sure your romance with an Eastern European girl ends in a happy and loving marriage? Here are 5 dating tips that will help you succeed:

  • Be forthcoming. No matter how much an Eastern European woman is interested in you, she will never be bold enough to make the first step, so you’ll need to reach out first.
  • Demonstrate your value. A typical Russian, Bulgarian, or Ukrainian beauty on a dating site has dozens of suitors, and she needs to instantly know why she should pay attention to you.
  • Be a perfect gentleman. Eastern European women love it when men take care of them, shower them with gifts, and treat them to dinners and surprise vacations.
  • Learn something from their language and culture. An easy way to impress a girl from Hungary, Belarus, Poland, or Czech Republic is to demonstrate your knowledge of her background.
  • Discuss your future together. If you know for a fact you want to marry this particular Eastern European woman, always let her know you have the most serious intentions.

Meeting Eastern European bride parents: 3 tips

Even if you are 40 or older, the prospect of meeting your bride’s parents can be very stress-inducing, especially when they live in a completely different country and speak a different language. These three tips will help you impress your bride’s parents already on your first visit to them:

  • Don’t come empty-handed. Eastern European people are very generous and they expect the same treatment from you. It is customary to bring good gifts to the parents of your bride, as well as any other family members you are going to meet, which may include grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Your girlfriend may help you choose the perfect gift for everyone, but wines, chocolates, and other universal presents are all good options.
  • Be respectful and ask a lot of questions. There will come a time when you will call your wife’s parents mom and dad, but when you are meeting them for the first time, use the names they used to introduce themselves — it can be just the first name or first name and father’s name for some Eastern European nations like Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Your bride’s parents will also enjoy it if you ask questions about their culture, family life, and opinions on different things.
  • Mention your assets. While it’s important for your Eastern European bride’s that you are a good and interesting person, they also want to make sure their daughter won’t move to another part of the world to live in a trailer and work a dead-end job. You don’t need to show your bank statement, but you need to subtly assure them that they have nothing to worry about and you can provide for your family.

Eastern European wedding customs and laws

The important thing to know about Eastern European weddings is that they used to be completely unique, but over time became influenced by the Western wedding traditions. As a result, a typical Eastern European wedding ceremony is not much different from the nuptials you may have attended in your home country. Here are some of the wedding customs in Eastern Europe:

  • It’s not uncommon for Eastern European brides, especially girls from Poland, Russia, and Bulgaria to become the proverbial bridezillas. They want everything to be absolutely perfect and they will require little to no involvement from you aside from the financial side of the wedding, which may be a relief for busy grooms. Eastern European brides also usually assemble an all-female team of family members and friends to help them with the preparations.
  • If you have decided to marry an Eastern European girl, don’t even hope for a small intimate wedding for a few close relatives and friends. It will be a celebration for the whole clan and even the most distant relatives and neighbors will be invited. A lack of invitation for a family member may lead to a quiet vendetta, and you definitely don’t want that to happen.
  • A traditional Eastern European wedding ceremony, particularly in the ex-USSR part of Europe, will always have an emcee who will direct the event and make sure everyone is having fun. Even if you are not an avid dancer, you will repeatedly dance at your own wedding when the emcee invites you to do so, and while some Eastern European wedding traditions and games may seem outlandish to you, you will soon grow to enjoy them.


Are Eastern European brides gold diggers?

Eastern European brides became the first women who started the whole mail order bride craze, and at the time, they were known for being very interested in a man’s financial situation and much less interested in his personality. Luckily, things have changed, and now Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, and Czech girls are looking for foreign husbands who will make them happy, not just provide for them financially.

Is there a problem with the age difference?

If you are in your forties or fifties and want to see a twenty-something girl by your side, you may run into a lot of problems with women in your country who cannot accept a big age gap. This is not a problem for Eastern European brides, who actually love older men and how calm and secure they are. Plus, many women from Eastern Europe consider themselves to be old souls, which means you will have a lot more in common than you think.

Will my Eastern European bride continue to work?

Most of the Eastern European girls from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary you meet online go to work, but they don’t consider building a career to be their top priority. If your income allows your wife to stay at home all day, she will happily never work again. However, if the family is experiencing financial problems, your Eastern European woman will never hesitate to go to work and contribute to the household budget.