Why Are Lebanese Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

If you’re interested in women from the Middle East, there is no way you could ever miss Lebanese women for marriage. For thousands of Western men, a Lebanese bride is a person who has all the qualities they want to see in a partner. Here are the top 3 reasons to consider Lebanese mail order brides.

They are visually striking

The beauty of Lebanese women is familiar and exotic at the same time. Their skin tone is lighter than you expect, which creates a gorgeous contrast with their dark eyes, eyebrows, and luscious hair. A Lebanese girl typically dresses rather conservatively, so you will not witness her beautiful curves in person until you begin a relationship, but their innate femininity and grace will impress you from the first glance.

Their ideas are traditional but not obsolete

Lebanon is a country that is firmly founded on traditions. Lebanese mail order brides have a very traditional idea about family and they tend to get married rather early. At the same time, women in Lebanon are surprisingly modern. They actively communicate with men, have thriving social lives, don’t want to limit their role to just being a wife and a mother, and will make your lifestyle more exciting than it’s ever been before.

They are caring and attentive

Unlike many Western girls, Lebanese women for marriage don’t see a relationship as an opportunity to get all of the attention from the man while they simply allow the man to love them. Lebanese ladies invest a lot of effort into a relationship and they view it as a union of two individuals who love and cherish each other. Even when you are away, you will still feel how much your Lebanese bride cares about you.

What Are Lebanese Wives Like?

When looking for Lebanese brides on the internet, you will hardly ever find a woman who wants to have a casual relationship. These women want to get married as soon as possible, and it’s clear that it’s what Western men want too. Here are the three things that make Lebanese mail order brides perfect for marriage.

They will never make you doubt them

A Lebanese wife is someone who is fully committed to her husband and won’t change her mind after a few years of marriage. Even when a girl from Lebanon gets married in her early twenties, you can rest assured that a loving marriage is exactly what she wants and what she’s looking for in life. Lebanese wives are faithful, reliable, and genuinely interested in the success of the marriage.

They make excellent mothers

Children are an integral part of the family system in Lebanon and couples don’t typically wait for too long before deciding to have children in marriage. Regardless of your personal views on children and family, a Lebanese wife might be the best person to make the mother of your kids. Lebanese wives are attentive and considerate, but they are also able to give their children the freedom they need to grow up into smart and successful adults.

Housework is what they genuinely love doing

There are now many women who believe that the husband should do as much housework as the wife, but this is not something Lebanese women for marriage believe in. To a Lebanese wife, house chores are purely a woman’s prerogative and unless you volunteer to do something, she will never pressure you into sharing the housework. Lebanese wives simply love cooking and cleaning and are not ready to give it up.

Why Are Lebanese Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Even though Lebanon is an Arabic and mostly Muslim country, women there enjoy more freedoms than women in most of their neighbouring countries. Ambitious and strong Lebanese girls can get a good education and build an impressive career if they want to, or they can simply stay at home and take care of the family, and no one prevents them from doing it.

At the same time, Lebanon is a very traditional country in many regards. Women here face a lot of limitations on a daily basis ranging from minor to big ones. A Lebanese mail order bride knows she can do more with her life, and that is exactly why she sees marrying a foreign husband as a very promising opportunity.

The Guide On Marrying A Lebanese Woman

Tips on dating a Lebanese girl

Even when you are looking for Lebanese women for marriage, you should know that arranged marriages are unacceptable for Lebanese brides and they prefer to spend some time dating a potential husband to make sure he’s a good match.

  • Leave all the prejudice and stereotypes behind. By now, you may already have some idea about Lebanese mail order brides and their top qualities, but in reality, they are much more complex than that. That is why you shouldn’t have any preconceptions.
  • Show your attention through dates and gifts. A Lebanese bride will be happy to hear nice compliments or declarations of love, but she finds romantic dates and cute gifts to be equally important ways of showing your feelings.
  • Let her know she can fully rely on you. Lebanese mail order brides are not trying to be as independent and emancipated as the women in the West. They want a dependable partner who will take care of them, and that is exactly what you should do.
  • Spend as much time together as possible. Dating in your late thirties or forties, especially when you and your bride live in different countries, can be challenging. However, putting in the effort to meet your bride will never go unnoticed by her.
  • Talk about the life you will have together. Whether you want a big family with multiple kids and a house in the suburbs, or you want to live in a big city and have just one kid, it’s important to discuss the details of your future family with your bride.

Meeting Lebanese bride parents: 3 tips

In some cultures, the man only meets the woman’s parents right before the wedding, but Lebanese brides prefer their parents to get to know their partner as soon as the relationship becomes serious. These three tips will help you make the most out of your first meeting with your future in-laws.

  • Avoid too much familiarity. Once you know each other better, you will have a much more casual relationship. But when you are meeting for the first time, be as formal and respectful as possible and follow their lead in developing the relationship.
  • Help with the table and enjoy the food. In 99 cases out of 100, you will meet over a dinner table. To quickly fit into the family, offer your help with setting and clearing the table. It also goes without saying that you should praise the food and whoever made it.
  • Volunteer to take part in local customs. There is no better way to get closer to a foreign culture and to the people who represent it than to go to a local festival or simply visit the extended family for someone’s birthday or wedding celebration.

Lebanese wedding customs and laws

People in Lebanon take weddings extremely seriously. The bride and the groom will often be minimally involved in the wedding planning process and most of it will be carried by the parents of the happy couple. However, since you are going to be at the centre of the event, here are the 5 main wedding customs to keep in mind.

  • Celebrations begin early. There will be a wedding date, but the actual celebrations will begin around a week in advance. Most of them will be held at the parents’ houses, but the guest list can be very extensive and include both family members and friends.
  • Carrying out the bride. On the morning of the wedding day, the groom will arrive at the bride’s house and carry her out of the door and into the street. This is done both to show his care and commitment and to make sure she doesn’t trip on her long dress.
  • Stomping on the feet. After the official wedding ceremony, the new husband and wife will stomp on the feet of their guests. This is a way to signify their new status as a married couple and obviously, you don’t need to put all of your force into the stomping.
  • Cutting the wedding cake. Lebanese couples are big fans of grand gestures, especially when it comes to their own wedding. There will be hundreds of guests, a lot of fireworks, and the wedding cake will be super tall and will be cut with a sword instead of a knife.
  • Establishing the new status. Once the wedding is over, the bride will get home and put a piece of dough on the front door. She will say that this is what her grandmother told her to do, and this is a gesture that symbolizes her new role as the matriarch of the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lebanese brides allowed to marry foreign men?

Yes, the laws and public opinion in Lebanon are rather relaxed. Of course, many Lebanese families still prefer their daughters to marry local guys, preferably from the families that they already know. However, when they see that their daughter is in love with a foreigner who appears to be a decent man, they won’t try to interfere with the marriage.

What is the average level of English among Lebanese brides?

Lebanese women for marriage may not be as fluent in English as Western women who speak it from birth, but they also have a surprisingly high level of English as a nation. Part of that is the strong educational system in Lebanon, and another part is the fascination Lebanese brides have with Western culture and their interest in Western men.

Is my financial status important to Lebanese mail order brides?

It is, but only to a degree. For Lebanese women for marriage who don’t want to work, the financial situation of a potential partner is important because he is going to be the only provider in the family. But even then, Lebanese brides are more interested in you being able to ensure a certain level of comfort for the family, not your ability to buy expensive gifts or exotic tours.