If you are not a big fan of exotic beauty and want your future wife to have familiar features, a strong character, and to be both independent and loving, it’s about time we introduced you to the fabulous Sweden mail order brides.

Why Are Sweden Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

With thousands of men rushing to Swedish mail order bride sites every month to find their perfect match, there must be something about women in Sweden that makes men go crazy about them.

Signature beauty

You may claim that you love Swedish brides for their personality, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that the first thing you notice about a Swedish girl is her Nordic beauty. The appearance of Swedish women is instantly recognizable: most of them have wavy blonde hair, fair skin with freckles, light blue or green eyes, and a bare minimum of natural-looking makeup. Women of Sweden have tall, athletic figures that they effortlessly maintain with a healthy diet and plenty of physical activity.

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Men marrying foreign mail order brides often complain that while those women are undeniably good-looking and sexy, there isn’t much you can talk about with them. This is not something you will experience Swedish brides, who are notoriously intelligent and can successfully hold a conversation on any topic, from modern art to Middle-Eastern politics. Part of their intelligence comes from their smart Swedish parents, and another part is the result of their high-quality education and constant aspiration to learn new things.

Loving nature

When talking to a Swedish bride for the first time, you may think that she’s shy, reserved, and cold. However, that is nothing more than a facade that Swedish girls wear to protect themselves from heartbreak. In reality, a Sweden woman is the most loving, passionate, and deeply caring woman you have ever met, and she won’t hesitate to show you these sides of her character once she’s confident you are the perfect man for her.

What Are Sweden Wives Like?

We have no doubts that you will have the time of your life when dating a Swedish girl, but you can make yourself the happiest man on the planet when you decide to get a hot Swedish wife.

Fantastic mothers and wives

Women of Sweden have the reputation of being independent, but once they have their own family, they turn into the most selfless women you have ever met. This is exactly what makes them such great wives. As soon as the two of you get married, your Swedish lady will dedicate 100% of her free time to you, and once you start a family and have beautiful blonde kids, you will experience a completely new aspect of your wife’s personality.

Skilled multitaskers

Most Swedish girls begin working right after graduation and they are rightfully proud of their careers. That is why they will not be in a rush to abandon work completely even after marriage and having children. However, if you are worried that she won’t be able to attend to your family because of work commitments, you shouldn’t be — Sweden wives are excellent multitaskers and can fit everything they need into their schedule.

Fans of active lifestyle

Swedish women may be very busy at work and with family matters, but you will never catch them sitting on the couch and watching Netflix when they have free time. Women of Sweden are very hospitable and will always be glad to invite family friends for dinner. If you want to spend time just with her, she will find a way to make it memorable, whether it’s trying a new hobby for couples, cooking an exotic dish, visiting a nearby picturesque spot, or sitting side by side near a fireplace with your favorite books.

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Why Are Sweden Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

We are used to thinking about mail order brides as women who are trying to escape the dire conditions in their own countries by marrying a wealthy foreigner and move with him to a more prosperous, peaceful, and developed country. However, that is not the case with Swedish mail order brides, who have everything they may need for personal advancement in their home country.

The number one reason why beautiful Sweden women decide to become mail order brides is that they are looking for new experiences and ways to broaden their horizons. They are willing to explore life beyond Sweden and they are not afraid of any possible challenges that may lie ahead. If a Swedish bride falls in love with you, she will put a lot of effort into making the relationship work and achieving happiness together no matter where you live.

The Guide on Marrying a Sweden Woman

Tips on dating a Sweden girl

A relationship with a Swedish woman will feel very familiar if you have any dating experience with US and European women, but there are also a few ways to make it even more fulfilling and help you achieve your goal of marrying a hot Sweden girl even faster:

  • Put a lot of effort into the relationship. A Swedish woman has dozens of eligible men who want to be with her, and she needs to see your value if you want her to choose you.
  • Don’t be materialistic. Women in Sweden are more than able to provide for themselves and they will only love you for your personality, not your material assets.
  • Be respectful. Swedish girls strive for equality and the one thing they hate is being patronized by men. Treat her as your equal and you will soon be rewarded.
  • Create interesting experiences. A Sweden bride is not someone who will sit idly all day waiting for you to entertain her. But she will gladly accept your ideas to spend free time.
  • Discuss important things. Your Swedish girl needs to know you two are on the same page when it comes to family, children, and work before she agrees to marry you.
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Meeting Sweden bride parents: 3 tips

When things get serious between you and your Swedish woman, you will inevitably need to meet her parents prior to the wedding. We are happy to tell you that the experience of meeting your future Swedish in-laws is completely stress-free as people in Sweden are incredibly easy to talk to. However, here are some tips to make your first meeting go even better:

  • Act completely natural and relaxed. The parents of your Sweden bride want to see the real you. They are very perceptive and can always tell when you are trying to be someone you are not. All they need to know is that you are a good and honest man who can take good care of their daughter.
  • Avoid controversial topics. Swedish people are famously polite and will never tell you that you are wrong, but they are very sensitive towards controversial topics that include politics, minorities, women’s rights, and more. Even if you are used to joking or openly talking about these topics with your friends, avoid discussing them with your future in-laws.
  • Bring gifts for everyone. The parents of your Swedish mail order bride don’t need to be wooed with expensive presents, but they really love getting small but meaningful gifts as tokens of your attention and respect. Don’t think too hard about the gifts: wines, sweets, and flowers for the ladies work perfectly.

Sweden wedding customs and laws

Sweden is a country known for its centuries-old traditions, and that includes several significant wedding customs that most Swedish brides diligently observe. When preparing for your wedding with a Swedish mail order bride, you will probably witness or be involved in the following wedding traditions:

  • There will be loud bachelor and bachelorette parties. Like most Western countries, Sweden has a special form of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen spending one final memorable day with the bride or the groom respectively before they get married. The only catch is that these are usually surprise parties and you will have no idea anything is planned until your groomsmen arrive at your home and virtually kidnap you for a night of fun.
  • You will get an engagement ring too. When a couple gets engaged in Sweden, both parties wear an engagement ring from that day to the day of the wedding. On your wedding day, you will temporarily give up your engagement ring and then get it back, but from that day, you will only wear your wedding ring. The bride, however, will wear both on the same finger.
  • You will be the one walking your bride down the aisle. With a few exceptions, Swedish brides are not particularly fond of the tradition of their fathers leading them down the aisle and then handing them to the groom. The bride will likely ask you to accompany her all the way or will only ask her father to walk a few meters with her until she reaches you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Swedish brides loyal?

To an outside spectator, it may seem that it’s impossible for someone as gorgeous and flirty as a Swedish lady to stay faithful to one man forever. However, it will take you just a few dates with a Swedish girl to understand that she is the most loyal and reliable woman on the planet and will never break your heart by being unfaithful to you.

What if we have different lifestyles?

A woman from Sweden is someone who will never agree to a boring night in when there are lots of opportunities to have a good time. It may be too much for a man who is used to spending his weekends on a couch in front of the TV. But when you get together with your Swedish bride, your lifestyles will positively influence each other and you will become a much more harmonious couple.

Do Swedish brides mind an age gap?

Most of the Swedish mail order brides you meet online are between 20 and 40, while most guys looking for Swedish brides are 40 and older. There is a big possibility of an age gap in your relationship, but it shouldn’t become a problem. Swedish women are notably mature for their age and will likely be on the same social, intellectual, and career level as you.