Romania may not be the first country you picture in your head when thinking about Europe, but the truth is that there are many things to love about Romania, especially its beautiful and highly eligible female population. Here is everything you need to know about Romanian women for marriage.

Why Are Romanian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Every time you log into an international dating site, you will see hundreds of Romanian brides looking for their ideal partner. Here is why you may want to fill in this role!

They are attractive

As a man, you probably want to see a beautiful woman with an equally stunning figure as your wife. It’s completely natural and there is nothing shallow about dreaming of a partner who pleases you aesthetically. And there is a high probability you will find what you are looking for in a Romanian bride. Their appearance is truly striking: their tanned skin, dark hair, and pitch-black eyebrows and eyelashes, paired with naturally plump and bright lips, require little to no makeup to look their best. And the bodies of Romanian women are equally eye-catching: these girls are not skinny, but they know exactly how to accentuate their curvy features to make men lose their minds.

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They are old-fashioned

When talking to a Romanian bride for the first few times, you will probably get the impression that they are slightly old-fashioned. These girls grow up in traditional families and adopt their traditional views. You will hardly find a Romanian girl who is well-versed in modern TV shows, music artists, and blockbuster movies. Instead, Romanian women prefer spending time with their friends and families or enjoying their favorite books or hobbies at home.

All they want is love

When looking at a Romanian woman, whose presence can be felt from a distance and whose fashion sense is nothing short of original and daring, you would never guess that these women are actually very romantic. They are not interested in material possessions, high-class vacations, or competing with men for the top management positions in the workplace. All they want is to find a partner who will make them feel loved and secure, and they can offer all the love they have in return.

What Are Romanian Wives Like?

You can have the time of your life when dating a Romanian girl, but there are several reasons why the women of Romania are especially popular among men looking to get married.

Traditional family roles

The ultimate goal of many Romanian brides is to find someone to take the reins in the family, while the Romanian wife can stay at home and look after the children. Romanian wives are big fans of the traditional family model, where the man is responsible for providing for the family and the woman does what women in Romania have done for centuries. If you have grown tired of the feminist agenda and want a domestic wife who will make the best mother to your future children, consider meeting a Romanian bride.

100% supportive

To a Romanian wife, marriage is a partnership of two loving individuals who support each other at every step of the way. From a wise piece of advice exactly when you need it and comforting reassurance when you suddenly lose your job to a fruitful discussion about your new business idea — you can expect your Romanian wife to lend a shoulder when you are going through any issues or transformations.

Wonderful homemakers

Romanian women may have accomplished careers and lots of hobbies, but many of them are at their happiest when they are working around the house for the benefit of their husband and children. A typical Romanian wife never considers housework to be an annoying chore. Instead, she views cleaning and cooking as the easiest and most effective family to show her family that she truly cares about them.

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Why Are Romanian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Romania is not the biggest country in Eastern Europe, but the number of Romanian mail order brides on dating sites can easily compete with the number of Russian, Ukrainian, or Polish brides. Here are the top 3 factors that cause Romanian women to look for foreign husbands:

  • Shortage of men. More and more Romanian guys are leaving the country for Western Europe where they try to land higher-paying jobs and settle down. That is why the number of eligible young bachelors continues to drop every year.
  • Treatment of women. Romanian women don’t want a lot from a relationship, but they want to be treated decently and as an equal. Sadly, that is not something most Romanian men can offer in a relationship.
  • Better opportunities. We would be lying if we said Romania was the most developed European country, and it’s even more apparent for Romanian women, who are often at a disadvantage compared to men. They consider marriage abroad to be their shot at a better life.

The Guide on Marrying a Romanian Woman

Tips on dating a Romanian girl

Thanks to the naturally sunny outlook on life and kind nature of women in Romania, you should not experience any problems when dating a Romanian bride, but these 5 tips will help you make the relationship even more fulfilling for both parties.

  • Respect her. Romanian women don’t see a lot of respect from local men, but ultimately, that’s all they want from a relationship. Respect is key when dating a Romanian bride.
  • Know how to have a good time. Romanian girls are always on the move and always know about the hottest parties and events. Simply relax and let her rock your world!
  • Be certain about the future. When a Romanian woman signs up for a dating site, it means she has made up her mind and wants to get married. Make sure you want the same and don’t waste her time if you don’t.
  • Don’t talk about your exes. Romanian girls are very understanding and accepting, but they are also notorious for being slightly jealous. Never mention your previous relationships if you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a huge scandal!
  • Don’t try to be someone you are not. Even the most inexperienced romantically Romanian women can tell when you are pretending to be more successful, sociable, or powerful than you really are, and it never promises good things for your relationship.
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Meeting Romanian bride parents: 3 tips

When you are getting ready to meet your future Romanian in-laws, the most important thing to remember is that they are some of the most cordial and informal people in Europe. Unlike Western European and Scandinavian people, Romanians are very laid-back and are prepared to love you simply because you want to marry their daughter. These 3 tips will help you make an even better impression.

  • Don’t come empty-handed. An easy way to win the hearts of the parents of your Romanian bride is to bring gifts for everyone: flowers for the mother, hard liquor for the father, and sweet treats for everyone.
  • Be open-minded. Culturally, Romanians are very different from Americans and Western Europeans, but you should not express any negative emotions towards their behavior. Save your comments for a later discussion with your Romanian girlfriend.
  • Prove you have serious intentions. Romanian parents don’t have any impossible expectations for the man who plans to marry their daughter, but they want to make sure you have long-term plans and are not just using her for a fun fling.

Romanian wedding customs and laws

Romanian culture is very rich and some aspects of it may look very unusual to a foreigner. The fastest way to get to know Romanian culture is through a traditional Romanian wedding, preferably your own. Here is what you can expect at your wedding to a Romanian bride.

  • Meeting the bride. When it’s time to leave for the church or city hall where the ceremony takes place, you will not see the bride until every preparation has been made and her wedding look is complete. But that’s not all — it’s a tradition to create obstacles for the groom and even suggest other women for him as brides.
  • 24 hours of partying. A Romanian wedding is not an event that starts in the afternoon and ends earlier than midnight like you are probably used to with Western weddings. The celebrations begin in the early morning of the wedding day and last until at least the next morning. Even the wedding cake won’t be presented until 3 or 4 a.m.!
  • Kidnapping the bride. When it’s around 12 a.m. and your newly lawful wife is nowhere to be found, don’t be alarmed — she has probably been kidnapped by her closest friends and now enjoys their company at the nearest nightclub or similar spot. You will need to contact her friends and pay ransom to get her back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Romanian brides know any English?

Romania is not as immersed in Western culture as some other European countries and English is not the most used language in the country. However, we have two good news for you. First, most Romanian brides learn English at schools and universities and can successfully communicate with you. Second, Romanian girls are quick learners and will improve their knowledge of English by spending more time with you.

Will my Romanian wife continue working after the wedding?

A good career is not the main life goal for a typical Romanian bride. Girls who come from modest backgrounds usually work full-time until they get married, but they are not as eager to continue working after the wedding. However, if the family is going through financial limitations, a Romanian wife will quickly step in and begin contributing financially.

How many children does a typical Romanian bride want?

Most Romanian girls grow up in households with several children, and while they have first-hand knowledge of how challenging life with multiple kids can be, they also cannot imagine life any other way. That is why your Romanian wife will probably want a minimum of two children but will be even happier with three kids or more.