Germany is one of the first countries that jump to your mind when you are thinking of Europe. Germany is deservedly one of the continent’s wealthiest, stable, and interesting countries. We all know about Germany’s magnificent architecture and beautiful scenery, but German mail order brides deserve the same recognition. Here is your ultimate guide to German women for marriage.

Why Are German Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Thousands of men marrying beautiful German mail order brides cannot be wrong — German girls have everything it takes to captivate you.

Lovely looks

Even though you will find an unusual-looking, more exotic German woman, the majority of women in Germany have similar appearances with fair skin and hair, gorgeous blue or green eyes, and strong facial features that they masterfully highlight with subtle but effective use of makeup. German women are rather tall and athletic, and their active outlook on life and healthy diet habits allow them to maintain their bodies for a long time.

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With a German woman, you will never be at a loss of topics to talk about. The women of Germany grow up with a fierce passion for education. In addition to obtaining a good education, they also learn and read any time they can and always know what’s going on in the world. With a German lady by your side, you can attend the most important social function and never be ashamed of her behavior.

Romantic nature

At first glance, a German bride may seem cold and reserved, but it’s nothing but a self-protection mechanism to avoid disappointment in a relationship. When your German woman begins warming up to you and demonstrating other sides of her character, you will hardly be able to believe how caring, passionate, and romantic at heart these women are. However, a German lady must see similar behavior from you, so that her feelings don’t appear one-sided.

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What Are German Wives Like?

Marrying a German bride can be the most life-changing decision you ever make, but only in a good way, and here is why.

Wonderful mothers

For a while, a German wife will be happy with just you two as a little but happy family. Like many modern women, German ladies are in no rush to become mothers. However, a family with children is all a German woman ultimately wants and that is why she will become even happier once you two start a family. What’s particularly interesting here is that German women seem to be complete naturals when it comes to taking care of babies even though many of them grow up as single daughters in a household.

Active lifestyle

A German wife is not someone who will spend 100% of her free time on a couch after getting married or will be constantly talking on the phone with her girlfriends. Most German mail order brides have lots of interesting hobbies and favorite activities and they surely won’t leave them behind after the wedding. In fact, your German wife will probably want you to share her hobbies with her and enjoy some quality active time together as a couple.

Equality in marriage

If your main reason for getting married is to have someone cook for you, clean your house, and iron your clothes, a German mail order bride is not your best option. These women come from households where chores are equally distributed between the man and the woman and they strive for the same perfect balance in their own families. Your German wife will happily perform most of the house duties, but she will be over the moon when you step in and contribute to your cozy home.

Why Are German Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

When it comes to most mail order brides, everyone can easily answer the question about the reasons that make the women do it. In most cases, the biggest reason for girls to become mail order brides is the desire to find a better quality of living and more opportunities than their home country can give them.

However, that is not the case with German brides. These girls have everything they could ever need and more in Germany. For them, the biggest reason to become mail order brides is to explore opportunities beyond their country and to live with the man they love and want to see forever by their side.

The Guide on Marrying a German Women

Tips on dating a German girl

German brides are self-sufficient and know exactly what they want from a relationship, which is why you won’t get a lot of success if you simply give her flowers and treat her to expensive restaurant dinner. A German woman wants her man to do the following while dating:

  • Be confident. A typical German girl has enough confidence for both of you, but she wants to see you making decisions and taking the charge in the relationship.
  • Watch out for her cues. A German woman may not talk too much about her feelings, but she will always let you know whether she is happy and what she wants — you just have to watch out for the signals.
  • Treat her as your equal. You don’t need to treat your German girlfriend like a princess — all she needs you to do is view her as a completely equal individual and act accordingly.
  • Be serious about the future. Every German mail order bride you meet online does not just need a boyfriend — she is looking for a man who will become her lawful husband and father to her children.
  • Let her show her feminine side. German women may seem tough and not feminine, but you just need to create situations where she will be able to show this side of her personality.
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Meeting German bride parents: 3 tips

No matter how forward-thinking and welcoming the parents of your German bride are, there is only one thing you actually have in common at the moment: you both love the girl, although you have completely different relationships with her. If you want your first meeting with the German bride’s parents to be comfortable and positive for everyone, use these three tips.

  • Act respectful and polite. When you are only getting to know your future in-laws, don’t try to make them your friends instead of the parents of your future wife. Make sure to always refer to them the way they want to be called and avoid joking on sensitive topics or lying about your employment, marital history, or views.
  • Compliment everything. The parents of your German lady will put a lot of effort into making your time at their place wonderful. You will make a great impression on them if you say sincere compliments to the food they prepare for you, their house, and, of course, their biggest achievement as parents — your lovely bride.
  • Don’t talk too much. In Germany, there are many topics that are viewed as controversial and should not be discussed with people you meet for the first time. Plus, you may not know about jokes or phrases that may be considered offensive in Germany. Until you learn the rules, it’s best to not talk as much as you normally do and just nod and smile politely.

German wedding customs and laws

If the best-case scenario takes place and your relationship with a German mail order bride culminates in marriage, you should know that in many ways, a traditional German wedding will be very similar to the ceremonies we celebrate at home. However, depending on how traditional your bride and her family are, you may need to get ready for the following German wedding customs.

  • Polterabend. There is no rehearsal dinner in German wedding traditions, but it doesn’t mean the whole wedding party won’t get together at least once before the wedding. A week or two before the ceremony, the bride, the groom, and their friends and family members will meet and each guest will bring and break one porcelain item. The bride and the groom will then clean up the mess and it’s believed to bring good luck to the couple.
  • Sawing a log. Right after the wedding ceremony but before the reception, the bride and the groom will be presented with a log and a double-end saw. They will then work together to saw the log in two equal smooth halves. The key here is to collaborate on one task and help each other achieve the goal.
  • Shoe auction. In the past, German brides had to buy their own wedding shoes with pennies. These days, there are no strict rules about how the wedding shoes are bought. However, at the end of the wedding reception, the guests bid for the shoes, placing the money in them. After every guest has placed their bid, the groom gives both the shoes and the money back to the bride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do German wives continue working after the wedding?

Unlike many other ethnicities of foreign mail order brides, German women value their careers very much. Your German wife is unlikely to give up work completely once you get married, but she will make sure that it doesn’t interfere with her family obligations.

Will there be a lot of cultural differences?

Not at all! German people are very close in mentality and cultural background to US citizens. You and your German mail order bride probably grew up watching the same films and listening to the same music artists. Even more importantly, you will share a lot of the same values and views.

What about an age gap?

It’s not uncommon for men over 40 to start looking for their potential partner on mail order bride sites, while most German brides on these websites are between 20 and 30. However, it shouldn’t be a problem for your relationship for one simple reason. German women are famously mature for their age and a relationship with one of them will feel completely natural to you.