The Czech Republic doesn’t need a long introduction — most people in the world are familiar with its impressive architecture, gorgeous nature, and hearty local cuisine and beer. We have no doubt you will enjoy experiencing all those aspects of The Czech Republic, but there is one more thing about the country that deserves your attention. Today we want to introduce you to the charming and beautiful Czech women for marriage.

Why Are Czech Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

The Czech Republic is a rather distant country for most Western bachelors, but it doesn’t stop them from searching for Czech mail order brides online or even visiting the country to look for them in person. Here are a few reasons why Czech women for marriage are getting more and more popular.

They are what European beauty is all about

When you are imagining a pretty European woman, you are probably thinking of someone very close to Czech brides. Their appearances are not highly contracted like those of Asian or Latin brides, but their calm and familiar beauty is exactly what attracts so many single men to Czech women. They typically have light-brown hair and light skin, and their figures are not too thin, meaning they look fabulous in any clothes and no matter how old they are.

They will surprise you with their intelligence

It will not take you too long to realize that your Czech bride is one of the smartest people you have ever met. First, the Czech Republic is widely known for its quality of education and the many opportunities it provides to its women for development. Second, Czech girls understand the value of knowledge and never lose a chance to learn something new. Third, they are quick-minded and witty, which is why they always know just the right thing to say no matter how official or demanding the situation may be.

They have easy-going personalities

When you are talking to a Czech girl, you will feel like you are talking to someone you have known for ages and are at the same very attracted to. They are not trying to deliberately make things hard for you or make you jump through the hoops just to get their attention. They will eagerly talk to you, laugh at your jokes, react positively to your suggestions, and will make dating them a very comfortable and satisfying experience.

What Are Czech Wives Like?

If a Czech woman has agreed to become your wife, you will experience a completely new side of her personality. A Czech wife is the most ideal life companion and someone who will make you happy for as much time as you spend together. These are just a few reasons you should choose a Czech wife if you want to experience what true happiness is all about.

They understand that a long-term relationship needs work

Most Czech women grow up in full families where the parents love and respect each other, and they know that those strong relationships should not be taken for granted. Your Czech wife will put in a lot of effort into keeping the spark alive and making sure you stay in love with each other forever. Of course, she also wants you to do your best and show her that you also care about your marriage.

They always put their family first

You will never meet a Czech wife who will consider her career or social life to be more important than her family. She will always make sure her family’s needs are met before she attends to any other aspects of her life. That is why it’s impossible to find any Czech wives whose family waits for them at home while they are out there working, socializing, or practicing their hobbies. Whatever they do, they do for the sake of the family.

They know their way around the kitchen

No matter how modern and forward-thinking a Czech woman may be, she always has a special spot in her heart for cooking. Even when a Czech wife comes home from work, exhausted and hungry, she will never order delivery instead of making a fresh, delicious dinner for the whole family. And trust us, you will soon grow to appreciate traditional Czech cooking, which always tastes great despite the use of humble ingredients.

Why Are Czech Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The Czech Republic is one of the best-developed countries in Central Europe where women have pretty much anything they need to succeed. Plus, Czech men are not particularly known for their bad treatment of women, which is why the choice to become a mail order bride is not something a Czech woman does out of necessity.

Instead, Czech brides are compelled by their adventurous spirit to go and look for marriage opportunities overseas. They find the prospect of becoming a mail order bride to be very exciting and they are thrilled to see what the future holds for them. They also believe Western men to be attractive, successful, and generous — in other words, they possess every quality that a Czech bride wants to see in her husband. 

The Guide on Marrying a Czech Woman

Tips on dating a Czech girl

If you plan to begin a relationship with a Czech woman or are already dating her, you should consider yourself a very lucky man, because Czech girls are truly unmatched when it comes to romance. Here are some tips for making your relationship even stronger.

  • Keep your communication regular. Czech brides want to feel loved and enjoy the attention from the man they are dating. Regular texts and calls, as well as frequent dates are very important!
  • Come to your first date prepared. There is a chance you have spent some time communicating online before meeting in person, and your Czech woman will be delighted if it turns out that you remember the most important facts about her.
  • Find some common ground. You and your Czech girl may come out from completely different walks of life and parts of the world, but it’s important to discover some shared hobbies or views, or find something you will love doing together.
  • Bring small but meaningful gifts. A Czech woman can be hardly impressed with outrageously expensive gifts, but she will be more than happy to receive something you bought while thinking of her.
  • Don’t be afraid to show initiative. Czech women may seem strong and forth-coming, but they have very delicate personalities and may be intimidated by making the first move. You need to understand their signals but be prepared to act first.

Meeting Czech bride parents: 3 tips

Meeting the parents of your Czech mail order bride is a major milestone in your relationship that signals about her serious intentions regarding you. Here is how you can make them like you without trying too hard.

  • Use whatever knowledge of Czech language you have. Before you visit your future in-laws for the first time, make an effort to learn some common phrases in Czech — they will truly appreciate your willingness to impress them.
  • Go with traditional gifts. When visiting the parents of your Czech bride, resist the temptation to bring gifts that are overly expensive, extravagant, or personal. Stick with flowers, wine or other alcohol, and sweets, preferably from your own country.
  • Leave serious talk for after the dinner. Czech people believe that nothing should interrupt the process of eating, which is why they only have small talk during the dinner. If you want to talk about something serious, wait until the meal is over.

Czech wedding customs and laws

A typical Czech wedding is a combination of centuries-old traditions and modern wedding trends that are universally popular in the Czech Republic and the Western world. Here is what you need to know about the most common customs of Czech weddings.

  • Tossing the bouquet. Like Western women, Czech brides toss their bridal bouquet to the female guests of the party to determine who will get married next, but in Czech Republic, the bouquet toss takes place right after the wedding ceremony and not during the reception.
  • Breaking the glass. As soon as the Czech newlyweds arrive at the restaurant or another venue where their reception will take place, they need to break a glass near the entrance and then sweep the pieces together to strengthen their bond.
  • Soup and bread. A Czech wedding table is full of local delicacies, but the most important dish for the newlyweds is probably the special wedding soup that needs to be eaten with one spoon and the couple should feed each other.
  • Auctioning the garter. Later in the evening, the bride will take off her garter and the groom will auction it among the single male guests of the party, and it is believed that whoever catches it will be the next one to get married.
  • Kidnapping the bride. If the groom takes his eyes off his bride even for one moment close to midnight, their friends may jokingly kidnap the bride and make the groom look for her and convince them to give her back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I expect a language barrier between my Czech bride and me?

Not at all! Obviously, you will need a lot of time to learn Czech at a speaking level since it’s a famously tough language to master. However, young Czech women are perfectly proficient in English thanks to their high-quality education. That is why you will have zero issues understanding each other.

Are Czech women ready to commit to one man forever?

Absolutely! Czech women are completely monogamous and don’t enter relationships when they are not sure they want to spend a lifetime with the man. If a Czech bride chooses you as her husband, you can rest assured she envisions a future with you and will never abandon you simply because she wants to be with another man.

Will my Czech wife return to work after the wedding?

In most cases, Czech women work full-time prior to the marriage and continue working after they get married. However, when a Czech woman has a husband and children, she always puts them first and never lets work interfere with her family. If she feels like work is taking too much of her time, a Czech wife will always make the choice in favor of her family.