Russian brides are one of the most demanded. They are very popular with men from all over the world. And many of Russian chicks are ready to marry foreigners and even look for the fiances from other countries. So, you can become one of those lucky men who has a Russian wife. But before starting to look for Russian women for marriage learn some important details about them.

Why Russian Mail Order Brides are So Popular Nowadays?

Russian girls are unique as they combine femininity with the strong character. And here are some more their advantages.

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Russian brides are beautiful

Russian ladies are one of the most beautiful in the worlds. Most of them are tall and slim. Many women of this nationality do sports to keep fit. Also, they take care of themselves very thoroughly. Beauty and SPA procedures are very popular with the girls from this country. Thorough self-care lets them look even more beautiful and bright.

Also, they like fashionable clothes and accessories. Due to nice figures, hot Russian women look outstanding both in casual jeans and in evening dresses.

So, many men are amazed by their long well-groomed hair, well-maintained skin, and stylish image. And such a charming appearance is complemented with the inner beauty. So, it’s hard to resist the willing to get acquainted with a beautiful Russian girl.

Russian brides are uninhibited

Sexy Russian girls don’t have any complexes and are not shy of their bodies. So, those men who have Russian brides are really satisfied with their love life.

Russian brides are pleasant to communicate with

Many of them have a higher education, like to read, and have many interests. So, it’s never boring to have a conversation with them. Furthermore, they are polite. And it’s pleasant to communicate with such persons.

Russian brides know how to have fun

When you see the pictures of some Russian cities, for example, a grey and rainy Saint Petersburg you can think that people are also grey and always serious there. But it’s nothing more than a myth that people in Russia never smile. It’s definitely not about pretty Russian women. These girls know how to have a real rest. They appreciate a good sense of humour and like big parties.

Russian brides never give up

These ladies are strong. Life’s challenges don’t drive them to despair. And this character trait helps them to stay positive even when they are in trouble.

Russian brides are good wives

If they love their husbands they’d do anything for them. However, further we will discuss the characteristics of the spouses of this nationality more detailed.

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What are Russian Wives Like?

Women in Russia have strong family values. Moreover, many ladies from this country are interested in different trainings like “How to be a good wife”. So, they handle this role very well. Here are some more reasons why men from all over the world choose Russian brides.

Regular sexual activity

Russian wives are really good at sex. And they are not shy to show it. Furthermore, they don’t lose their hotness after getting married.

True love

Russian wives devote themselves to their husbands if they love them. They do everything possible for them to feel comfortable and loved.

Diligent housekeeping

Russian wives are good at cooking. And they are very pleased when their husbands like their delicious dishes.


Russian wives know how to make their families stable. They can find the ways to resolve the conflicts between family members and are ready to make a compromise if it’s necessary. Also, you can ask for advice from a woman of this nationality any time you need it.

Love to children

Russian wives don’t mind having several of them. And they do their best to provide a good upbringing and education to their children.

After such a list of the advantages of Russian women you can wonder why they get registered on the mail order brides services. So, further, we will tell you the reasons why Russian singles are eager to marry men from abroad.

Why Russian Brides are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Singles from this country concern it to be a luck to marry a man from abroad. And here is why:

  • Foreign men better meet these womens’ requires. Every fine lady wants to have an appropriate man around. But there is a lack of decent men in Russia. Some of them discourage girls with their rudeness. Sme of them are not groomed enough. Some of them are too immature and don’t comply with strong Russian ladies. And some of them are addicted to alcohol which makes them inappropriate for family. Of course, it’s impossible to say that there are no such men in other countries but getting acquainted with people not only from the motherland increases the chances of a successful marriage.
  • Housing issue makes a big problem in this country. Local salaries don’t make it possible to buy the own accommodation for young families. So, many of them are forced to live with their parents. Don’t think that Russian mail order brides are materialistic but no one would like the prospect to live together with the husband’s mom and dad. So, women look for men who are more promising in the solving of the housing issue.
  • The lack of career prospects in the motherland. Many Russian women want to make a good career. But it’s not always possible in their motherland. So, they would be glad to take an opportunity to move abroad.
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The Guide on Marrying a Russian Woman

We want to give you some advice that will be helpful on each stage of relationships with Russian brides. Here they are.

Tips on Dating Russian Girls

Russian brides can be very demanding. So, you need to make some effort to make her be satisfied with you. First of all, stick to the following recommendations:

  • Look after yourself. Well-groomed Russian brides won’t tolerate it if a man don’t take care of yourself. Make sure that you are always tidy and good-looking.
  • Admire her. Women of this nationality know that they are beautiful and want this fact to be confirmed every day. So, don’t be afraid to give too much compliments to your Russian mail order bride. Often say to her that she is awesome.
  • Keep her interested. Be sure to find captivating and various topics to talk about. Don’t let your Russian bride be bored while communicating with you.
  • Surprise her. Ladies of this nationality like unexpected and pleasant things.
  • Bring her joy. Make some wishes of your Russian bride come true, and she will be delighted.
  • Try to understand her sole. Heart-to-heart conversations are very important for girls of this nationality. And if she doesn’t feel that you understand her your relationships will never be really strong.
  • Give presents to her. This is one of the most important things of dating a Russian woman. Ladies of this nationality believe that feelings should necessarily be expressed not only with romantic talkings but also with material things.
  • Be strong. If you are not determined enough to make some decisions she can take the initiative. So, if you want to keep being a leader in your relationships be resolute.
  • Don’t be afraid to relax. Though Russian ladies like serious men, they don’t like it when someone doesn’t know how to have a rest. When you party together just forget about anything else in your life.
  • Discuss the future with her. Make her Russian mail order bride be sure that you are ready for family. Discuss where you are going to live together and how you imagine your lifestyle after marriage.
  • Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid to take initiative in sex and don’t refuse to experiment if she wants it.

Don’t be afraid of such a number of recommendations. They are not really difficult to stick to if you love your Russian bride.

Meeting Russian Bride’s Parents: 5 Tips

People are friendly and welcoming in this country. So, there is nothing frightening in meeting parents of Russian brides. If you behave properly you will make a good impression on them:

  • Prepare a present. It’s in the Russian culture never to go to someone’s place empty-handed. So, ask your Russian bride about her parents’ preferences and prepare a nice gift.
  • Be polite. Show that you are well-mannered, and her parents won’t be disappointed with you.
  • Don’t say no to treatments. Russian people always treat each guest with something delicious. If you refuse to taste the dishes her parents have prepared they will be concerned to be a showing of disrespect.
  • Tell them more about yourself and the country you are from. They will be interested in your career, the place you live in, the circle of people you communicate with.
  • Share your plans about marrying their daughter. All the parents want to be sure that a man is serious about their daughter.
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Russian Wedding Customs and Laws

Here are the most interesting and widespread wedding traditions of this nationality:

  • Wedding cake. There is a tradition to order a big well-decorated cake for the wedding. Some of them can be confidently called real artworks. And one more custom is that bride and fiance cut this cake together with one knife.
  • Bride’s kidnapping. There is a custom to feign bride’s kidnapping from the wedding. Then a fiance must complete some quests to get his bride back.
  • Stealing the bride’s shoe. This custom has come from the old times. Then it was a kind of testing the fiance’s well-being. One of the bride’s friends steals her shoe and demands a ransom from a fiance for giving it back.
  • Throwing of a bouquet. This tradition has been taken from European culture. Russian brides throw their bouquets to the guests. And there is a belief that the girl who catches will get married soon.

Russian outlook on kids upbringing

Russian wives love their children very much. And this is how they show it:

  • The best things are for children. A Russian woman would better by a new toy for her child than a new dress for herself. They do everything possible for their children never to lack anything.
  • A child is the center of the family. Russian wives start to pay less attention to their husbands since they give birth to children. And all a husband can do is to deal with this. Because Russian wives believe that children are the sense of their lives.
  • Kids upbringing is concerned to be only mother’s business. Fathers are not expected to spend a lot of time with children, especially if there are daughters. Russian people believe that a man is responsible of finances, and a woman — of kids upbringing and education.
  • Russian wives pay much attention to the kids’ diet. This is in the mentality of this country to give a high priority to nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more important details about Russian mail order brides.

It is true that many Russian women abuse alcohol?

This is a widespread myth about all the Russian people that all of them are obsessed with drinking vodka. But, of course, it’s not true. However, some ladies can drink a lot celebrating something. But it doesn’t mean that they can drink alcohol without any reason. So, if you want to know her attitude to alcohol for sure just ask her about it while getting acquainted.

How to make a first step in winning a Russian bride?

The best way to start a conversation is to give a compliment to the girl you like. And if she reacts positively, begin to look for some common interests and the topics she wants to talk about.

How to react if a Russian bride takes the initiative in developing the relationships?

Some men can concern it to be strange if a girl makes first steps in developing relationships. But it only means that you should be more initiative, or else, a strong and self-confident Russian woman will take leadership. So, be self-assured and decisive when you meet Russian girls.