Whether it’s for the country’s small size or its relatively quiet presence on the news, Latvia is one of the most obscure European countries. Most Western men don’t know where Latvia is or what it is known for. What they do know, however, is that Latvia is the birthplace of thousands of gorgeous and tender Latvian mail order brides. Here is everything you need to know about Latvian women for marriage!

Why Are Latvian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Whenever you sign up for a European or Slavic dating site, you will always see lots of Latvian mail order brides, and it’s easy to notice that they are very popular among men. Here are the qualities that turn them into the best girlfriends you could ever dream of.

Delicate beauty

The beauty of Latvian women is not as striking as the appearance of Asian or Latin brides. Their charm is subtle, but it’s definitely there. Most Latvian brides share a lot of appearance features, including fair skin, long light-brown or medium-brown hair, and a cute nose. The eyes of Latvian women are usually light, although you will often come across a Latvian bride with captivating brown eyes. Women in Latvia are not very tall, but they are physically strong and know how to take care of their bodies.

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One of the reasons why so many men around the world chase Latvian women for marriage is that these women are as monogamous and faithful as possible. Many girls in Latvia are so focused on finding their true love that they don’t even date around a lot prior to meeting their future husband. And once a Latvian bride gets married, she completely stops noticing other men. No matter how much attention a beautiful Latvian woman in a relationship can get from other men, the thought of being unfaithful to her husband will never even cross her mind.

Family goals

Latvian brides are very forward-thinking and may have an active social life, plenty of hobbies and interests, and a high-quality education that results in a high-paying job. However, none of these things is as important to her as family. From the moment she enters a serious relationship with you, let alone you two get married and give birth to your first baby, she will always have family on her mind and will never sacrifice her family’s interest to spend time with friends or attend an important work function.

What Are Latvian Wives Like?

By now, you already know why men are so attracted to Latvian brides. Here is what makes Latvian wives even more irresistible to foreign guys.

Supportive partners

A relationship can be easily tested by the partner’s troubles at work or health problems. This is where Latvian wives truly shine. When they sense you have a problem, they will surround you with so much love and care that you will temporarily forget about your problems and enjoy time with your Latvian woman. And with her constant support and wise piece of advice whenever you need it, your troubles will be resolved faster than you ever hoped.

Great mothers

Many Latvian wives prefer to keep their jobs after the wedding and can feel very accomplished in their careers, but the life of a married Latvian woman will never be complete without children. To a Latvian wife, a child with you is a symbol of your union and the most beautiful product of a loving relationship. Needless to say, she will jump into motherhood with full force and will make you realize time and time again that you made the correct choice by marrying your Latvian bride.

Skilled cooks

The modern views of Latvian women cause them to fairly divide household chores with their husbands, especially if the woman works as much as you do. However, the one aspect of housework a Latvian wife will never give up is cooking. For most Latvian wives, cooking is their true passion and they are undeniably very good at it. Being married to a Latvian woman means constantly smelling tasty Latvian delicacies being cooked in the kitchen and having your wife quickly learn your favorite native comfort foods.

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Why Are Latvian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Unlike many other popular mail order bride destinations, Latvia is not as financially and politically troubled to make its women seek better opportunities overseas. However, for some Latvian women, the reason why they decide to become mail order brides is that they are very ambitious and want to build great careers when living with a husband in a foreign country.

Still, most Latvian mail order brides do it for one simple reason. From an early age, they find Western men very attractive and believe they share the same values. They are in love with the Western culture, romantic views, and other things that make the position of mail order bride so attractive to them.

The Guide on Marrying a Latvian Woman

Tips on dating a Latvian girl

When you date one of the Latvian women for marriage you found online, you already have the biggest advantage — these girls are motivated to get married to a foreigner and will do everything they can to make the relationship work. Here is what you can do to make your relationship even more successful.

  • Say what’s on your mind. Hot Latvian girls are not only very seductive, but also highly perceptive. They know exactly when you are trying to avoid the truth and it can easily ruin your relationship if this behavior continues to take place.
  • Take the lead. When a Latvian woman is dating the man of her dreams, she doesn’t want to make any important decisions or set the course of the relationship. She will happily accept your leading position as long as you take her wishes into account.
  • Challenge her intellectually. Latvian mail order brides are famously smart, well-educated individuals who are never missing an opportunity to learn. That is why your discussions should revolve not only around dinner plans, but also around intellectual topics.
  • Introduce her to your social circle. To a Latvian woman, getting to know your friends and family members is the number one sign that you treat the relationship seriously and are getting ready to move on to the next step.
  • Make nice gestures. After a while, any relationship can get mundane. To prevent that from happening, remember to surprise your Latvian girl once in a while with unexpected gifts, date nights, or weekend vacations.
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Meeting Latvian bride parents: 3 tips

A Latvian mail order bride will never consider a serious relationship or marriage with you until you meet her parents and they give their consent to the relationship. When preparing to meet your potential Latvian in-laws for the first time, follow these three tips.

  • Look your best. The parents of your Latvian bride don’t know what you are like as a person yet and only know a few facts their daughter told them. That is why they will make their first impression from the way you look and behave, so make sure you have nothing to be ashamed about.
  • Talk about your career. The decision to allow their daughter to move abroad for marriage is a touch one for Latvian parents. At the very least, they need to know their daughter won’t be the one providing 100% of the family income. Remember to mention how successful you are and that the family will not struggle financially.
  • Prove your serious intentions. Like many people around the world, the parents of your Latvian bride are familiar with situations where a foreigner finds a beautiful mail order bride for a fling and then abandons her. Make sure to talk about your plans to get married to the Latvian girl and start a family.

Latvian wedding customs and laws

Culturally, Latvian weddings are not that different from other traditional European weddings. However, in addition to the common wedding customs, there are also some aspects that can look peculiar to a foreigner.

  • Approval from the parents. In a way, Latvians are very old-fashioned when it comes to marriage. Even if you have a great relationship with your future in-laws, you will still need to ask them to give you a blessing. The approval ceremony will be very formal and is often accompanied by gifts.
  • Money pie. At some point in the reception, the bride and the groom will be presented a pie. Inside a pie, there is a coin that was placed there by the baker or by someone from the wedding party. The newlyweds then divide the pie into two halves, and whoever has the coin will manage the family budget.
  • Three gates. A very fun and sentimental event of the reception is when the newly married couple goes through three gates symbolizing their childhood, youth, and marriage. Don’t be alarmed when you see tears in the crowd — it’s truly a very touching moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a language barrier?

Not at all! Latvia is a European country where English is commonly used in business, education, and hospitality industry. Your Latvian bride likely knows enough English to maintain any conversation with you and will learn it even better for you.

Is there going to be an age gap issue?

Most of the Latvian mail order brides you meet online are under 35, which, in theory, could become a problem if you are an older gentleman. However, in reality, it’s not going to be an issue at all, because Latvian girls are notorious for their penchant for older guys.

Are Latvian women really as reserved as they look?

When you meet a Latvian woman for the first time, you will probably think she is shy and detached. But that’s just a typical Baltic feature. Latvian women prefer not to open up to everyone they meet and only unveil their true nature to the men they consider marrying.