We often think of Australia as being the same as developed Western countries, just located further from us than our closest neighbors. However, that is a popular misconception, as Australia has enough features to surprise you in every regard. One of the most appealing things about Australia is its female population — specifically, the large part of it known as Australian mail order brides. Here is everything you should know about Australian women for marriage.

Why Are Australian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Australian mail order brides have gotten so popular in the past decade that even the incredibly long distance and the precarious natural world of the country don’t seem to stop single men from coveting Australian brides. These are just a few reasons why that continues to happen.

They are diverse in their beauty

It’s downright impossible to describe an Australian standard of beauty simply because the women in Australia look incredibly diverse. This is the result of the country’s short but eventful history, as well as the fact that Australia continues being an attractive destination for immigrants. There are blondes, brunettes, and redheads; fair-skinned and dark-skinned; skinny, athletic, and plus-sized beauties. The one thing we know for certain is that Australian women lead an active lifestyle and follow a healthy diet, which allows them to preserve their looks for decades.

They are intelligent and fun to be around

You can get a pretty good idea about the wit of Australian brides even through online conversations, and when you finally meet in person, you will constantly ask yourself how you have lived for all those years without knowing them. Australian women are fascinating and you can talk to them for days without ever getting tired. Their combination of intelligence and dry sense of humor makes them fantastic conversation partners and guarantees you will never get bored of your Australian bride even after knowing her for ages.

A happy family is their ultimate goal

Most Australian girls have some dating experience by the time they reach their mid-twenties, but after that, they begin seriously considering marriage and family. They grow up in full families where everyone cherishes and respects everyone, and they want the same for their future marriage. Australian mail order brides want to get married and have children, and they won’t let anything stop them from achieving that goal.

What Are Australian Wives Like?

You are guaranteed to have the time of your life when you are dating an Australian bride, but getting an Australian wife is the only way to truly experience what these women have to offer to the man who is prepared to take that step. These are just some of the things you can fully expect from an Australian wife.

They make the most supportive partners

Australian women understand that mutual support and respect are the basis of any strong relationship. They are willing to accept you with all of your imperfections and they will make sure you feel supported and comfortable at every step of your journey together. Whether you are going through some major transformations in life or simply want to know there is someone who always has your back, you can achieve it all with an Australian wife.

They take care of their loved ones

Women in Australia are outstanding workers and business owners, but they know that family life is their one true calling. An Australian woman will always meet you from work with a freshly made dinner, sit down with you to talk about your work day, and spend time with the children no matter how much she already may have on her plate. You can always rest assured you and the little ones will always be your wife’s number one priority.

They excel at time management

An Australian wife is a master of planning and time management even if she doesn’t have an actual daily planner to write down her to-do lists. Your Australian bride will be able to fit everything into her busy schedule. Visiting an important business dinner with you after a whole day of hard work and coming home to do homework with the children and do laundry is not a big deal for a smart and accomplished Australian wife.

Why Are Australian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Australia is a fairly prosperous country and Australian women feel completely safe in their home state. They have unlimited opportunities for education, work, and personal advancement. That is why, when they decide to become mail order brides, it is not a matter of escaping the horrible life in their native country like it is with many other foreign mail order brides.

If an Australian woman decides to try her luck as a mail order bride, it simply means that she is not particularly happy with dating opportunities in Australia and wants to find happiness with a man who has the same views on dating, marriage, and family as her. If you have serious intentions and are prepared to take good care of your woman, you can be a good match for an Australian mail order bride.

The Guide on Marrying an Australian Woman

Tips on dating an Australian girl

You don’t need any specific dating insights to be successful at dating Australian brides, because this country’s courtship traditions are not that different from the things you have experienced in your home country. However, those 5 tips may help you make your relationship better.

  • Think about your look. Presentation is important to Australian brides, but it doesn’t mean they won’t seriously consider you as their match if you don’t rock designer clothes, but a trendy casual outfit, neat hair, and cologne can go a long way.
  • Show genuine interest in her life. An Australian woman hates when she is on a date and all the man talks about is himself and his experiences. Asking lots of questions will win you some bonus points when you are dating an Australian bride.
  • Prove you want a serious relationship. An Australian woman would never consider becoming a mail order bride if she didn’t want a long-term relationship and marriage, and she wants to know you two are on the same page.
  • Always be exactly on time. People in Australia respect each other’s time and your Australian bride will likely be on time for every date. Needless to say, you need to already be waiting for her when she gets there.
  • Bring cute gifts. Australian girls are not materialistic, but they view small gifts at the beginning of the courtship as adorable tokens of attention. Anything from a bouquet of flowers to her favorite tea will work.

Meeting Australian bride parents: 3 tips

When you first arrive in Australia at the invitation of your bride, meeting her parents will probably be one of the first things you will experience. The parents of an Australian mail order bride will be thrilled to meet the guy who won her heart, but you can also make an effort to make them like you from the start.

  • Find some shared interests. There is a good chance that there will be something about your background, job, political views, or cultural tastes that will resonate with your future in-laws and create the foundation for a good relationship.
  • There is no need to be too formal. In terms of a formal attitude, Australian parents are pretty much like US parents. They will likely insist on you calling them by their first names, and you can generally let your guard down when you’re with them.
  • Take part in their activities. A typical Australian family has a variety of interests and hobbies they love to do together. If you are invited to a hike, a family picnic, or a local festival, use it as your chance to get to know them and your bride better.

Australian wedding customs and laws

Australia is much closer in mentality to Western countries than most Asian and European states, so you should not expect any outlandish wedding customs, especially if you are marrying an Australian bride from a major city. These are the most important wedding traditions to keep in mind:

  • Both parents walk down the aisle. Australia is a country that insists on absolute equality for men and women, and when it comes to weddings, it translates to both the father and the mother walking their daughter down the aisle.
  • Unveiling the bride. At an Australian wedding, the groom won’t see his bride’s dress until she walks down the aisle, and he won’t see her face until he takes down her veil at the altar.
  • Throwing stones. A traditional Australian wedding ceremony concludes by the newlyweds throwing a stone each into a nearby lake. This tradition goes back centuries and while it has lost its original meaning, it’s still an important part of a wedding.
  • Unity bowl of stones. The guests of an Australian wedding will put stones into a unity bowl as a symbol of their love for the newlyweds and their desire to strengthen the union. The stones will often come in different colors or have words or last names on them.
  • No traditional wedding cake. While some Australian brides opt for a traditional tiered wedding cake, many of them go for the simpler alternative called lamingtones. Lamingtones are individual chocolate-covered cakes that are a cult favorite in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Australian brides too independent compared to their Asian and European counterparts?

It won’t take you too much time to notice that Australian women are more self-sufficient and less dependent on their men than most other mail order brides you’ll ever meet. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need any men at all. In fact, this relationship dynamic can only make your relationship stronger, as you will treat her as your equal.

Do Australian women actually want to move abroad for marriage?

Not every Australian girl is willing to leave her home country and go to live with her foreign husband, but there are thousands of Australian women who made a conscious decision to become mail order brides. They understand that they will need to leave Australia for marriage sooner or later, and they have no problems with it.

Is it common for Australian wives to work after the wedding?

Definitely yes! In fact, you will hardly find an Australian woman who is ready to abandon everything for marriage. Australian wives are eager to make a contribution to the family budget and develop professionally, which is why they will get to work soon after the wedding and may only take a break when they give birth to your children.